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Hi,Please let me confirm two things.

1. Is this Script available by iPhone and Android?
2. Your explanation says that you use API of YouTube. Is it right?

Hi, 1. yes works ok on mobile devices, see 2. Sorry that was a mistake, it’s removed from description, thank you for bringing it to my attention


Amazing script and the image filter effects are very good, good luck with sales Gejadze! :)

Thank you

Great script! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you

Hi, nice script!! It isn’t translate ready?

Hi, Thank you very much, There are only few words to be translated in index PHP, it didn’t make a sense so far to create translation for it.

let me know if you have any suggestions best

It will be nice if visitors can change language. You can implement a translation system with .po files?

will try to do that with next update.

thank you

Best Image Script Ever! I encourage everyone to buy it! You wont regret

Thank you

Very nice script. But “Upload Photo” button dont work on mobile. Look at: or

Moreover, you can the admin panel and advertising fields. Would be really nice.

Thank you for your interest and comments. I’ll be waiting for news. Good work.

Note: I would appreciate if you contact us by email: aytug [at]

I saw to mail but didn’t understand. I do not know this until the php and English :)

Great job well done ;) 5star

Thank you very much

Good luck with sales, looks pretty amazing

Thank you very much!

This is very good script ! Good luck with sales ! :sunglasses:

Thank you

5 star script ! Thank you :)

Thank you!

Hello. There is an issue with the share button. When you click the share button two times, for example after applying two different filters, the share URL is incorrect. The share/?i=xxx part accumulates.

instead of

If you click the share button n times, the share/?i=xxx appears n times in the share URL.

Hi, sorry for delayed answer, I will fix this issue asap.

thank you for letting me know


Hello, just bought your script and it works fine for me. Great work and nice filters.

But I miss a funktion. Perhaps you could deliver it in your next update. What about pasting an url to edit an image? This would be great.

Also a thought is to add custom image galleries (by customers or admins) where images could be edited. I think it would increase sales an price.

Yours sincerely


Thank you for suggestions, I will do my best to implement it for next update.


Is it possible to add our own effects?

all the effects are done though PHP, if you are comfortable writing PHP code, sure you can.


Excellent Script:

Just a feedback and if this can be catered, I would love to buy the extensive license

I am also open if you can do this separately for a charge, i can buy the script right away.

Can we just add these features. 1. Add text to the picture and selection of fonts from the drop box while typing 2. Add a fix logo which i can upload and keep which will automatically comes on the picture as embed 3. Login and register system so i can save my items which can be used further if needed.

Thank you for suggestions, I will try to make these implementations

i can pay u extra if you can get it to be as customised option i am interested to purchase your script

When I click on "Upload a photo" button, it show following error:

We are sorry file size is too big or the format is not supported. 

I am using it in XAMPP on Windows 7 64 bit

can you please send me your FTP credentials via contact form on my profile page?

I have sent you an email. please find the information in that email

Absolutely wonderful script. Do you think you might be adding an “add text” function?

Thank you very much, I will look into it, thank you for suggestion


Hello, when i upload it says We are sorry file size is too big or the format is not supported.

Please try again with different image.

my check.php status all is ok, i’‘m using VDS, sorry for my english (:

insert Watermark???

Can this be used to create collages of images? Meaning, combine multiple images?