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Nice.. Can I send the masked image to server to store it as a new file? i.e. Client to Server – Save request possible?

It’s not possible at this point, I will add it to the list for the next version. At this point you can try grabbing the data from all canvases on the page and ajax it.

Wow fancy stuff mate! Good luck with it!

Thanks :)

Nice work! :)

Hey, can I use it for batch watermark images on my site?

Ok so I will be waiting for the next update. I dont really want to hide the url. I want them to copy my images easily and publish/share them with my watermark on it! Thanks for your support.

I might make a separate product just for adding watermarks to images, since it requires a bunch of different functionality.

If you want you can subscribe to my RSS from my profile page, so you don’t miss the new plugin, or any future updates to this one.


I would be glad if you simply update this conversation when you have the product.


I sent you an email requesting a sample html page with full image mask example using any of the masks included. thanks

Just sent you an example, cheers!

Great job! Good luck ;)

Thanks :)

Looks like a neat idea. Sadly the LIVE PREVIEW is not working for me. Specifically the mouseover does not change the image at all. Windows 7 and firefox 3.6.25 – would like to see it in action.

I’ll check it asap. Thanks!

It’s not working because FF 3 .6 doesn’t support canvas, mate :)

Here’s a list of supported browsers:

It’s supported in versions 6 and above, which means that about 8% of the user base can’t see the effect, according to W3C ’s stats as of Dec 2011:

Hope this answers your question :)

I would be VERY interested i a WP version, especially for watermarking…

I’m following you to keep track of updates :)

Great work!

Before Buying This Script, I would like to know weather am i able too make this as my wordpress theme and let many people come to my website and upload their own pictures or something and download it on their dekstop.

I want to make this script as a site where people spend their time.

Uploading doesn’t have anything to do with this script, all you need to do is to have a selector that matches all images that you want to apply the script to.

In terms of downloading, you will have to provide a link to the original image, because the image that you see in the demo is actually a canvas element and can’t be downloaded.

Look at the demo again. Cheers

But i want your script to function something like online Image Masking site. How to create such site with your script?

The user cannot download the market image, if that’s what you are aiming for.

No i mean i want to make your script something like So people can come to my website and upload their picture, edit it, then save it into their desktop.

The saving part can’t be done with this script.

Will you able to create me a special script with different price?

Sorry, I’m not doing freelance currently :/

Can the image be flattened and saved?

Nope, it can’t.

I sent you an email requesting a sample html page with full image mask example using any of the masks included. Thanks!

Can you make an example of the full code to use. I am not having any luck getting this script to work on a simple single image page.