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Is the builder included? Or any info on parsing the positions for db saving?

Hello, I’m working on the builder now, the upload functionality isn’t implemented yet, after what I’ll include it in the package, but it’ll be the obfuscated version for some reason. It’ll be soon (this week or next). Could you describe what do you mean about “any info”?

The builder will be included after review.

The builder included into the package

HI I just made purchase- why is the builder not included? when will this be available?


I uploaded the new version with builder, but it must be approved by codecanyon team. It takes about day often, maybe more.

It’s done

I just bought this. Great work! Can you send across an example file with the code to insert your css animations from your open source effects.less file? That would be really useful. I’m not all that well versed at CSS. And so would just want to see a working example (with the right CSS and html files) of this working with one of your animations!

Thanks for the reply. An example would be really useful!

And….I am curious..in your builder you have a box for putting in the animation classes. What are some examples to put in that box? And will it then automatically add the code for that class to all the tooltips?

For example could I put in “fx-tada” in that box in the builder, and as long as I have the effect.css file added in the head section of the final document, will it then use that animation?

You are right, if you put in fx-tada, fx-bounceInLeft,ect from my library and add effect.css file to your document header it will work. As I wrote above, I will update the builder after this weekend, so you can easily choose the animation class from my predefined list. I think it will be more comfortable and friendly.

Now the builder has a good dialog for select animation classes from my library effect.css.

Presale, can this be implemented on any type of websites?

About websites, I misunderstood you a little. This plugin is used for descriptions and annotations of your image. As an example the car interior photo and detailed information in popups.

I’m referring to Images uploaded to any type of websites or rather any type of scripts.

Maybe you can provide some examples .) Realy, I don’t understand your wishes. Sorry.

Hi I integrated the image mapping into my site and it work fine except for one issue, it will automatically add “margin-top: 313px;” onto my footer div. How can I disable that? Thank

I didn’t find this issue. Is your link correct?

Just so that you get a clearer picture, every page have a footer and there is no margin-top or padding-top to it and the footer look like this http://www.imgpaste.net/image/xZ12T and if you view source it will be http://www.imgpaste.net/image/xZ3wz However on the page where I have the mapping in it, the footer will have margin in it, hence making the big gap btw the image and the footer like this http://www.imgpaste.net/image/xZYqp and the code is http://www.imgpaste.net/image/xZvVu I tried to strip down the code and if I remove jquery.imagelinks.min.js include file and the footer will be nicely in order.

I saw it again, also saw my source code, there is no place where I modify margins. Very strange.

hello , site users get image tags ?


What do you mean? Can you give more details.

Thank you for your work on this product! Here’s what I did with it. http://www.wildwoodwildlifepark.com/experiences/safari.aspx

Good work.

How do I install this plugin? I can’t seem to install it

What exactly do you want, please email me to avirtum[@]gmail.com.

pre purchase quesiton. does this plugin work within tabs. another words and I put tabs on a page and have 5 tabs with a map in each tab

It depends on tab realization.


owopl Purchased

Który plik.zip do instalacji w WordPres?

The package includes two folders: documentation and ipanorama, the second folder is the plugin, you should copy it to the wp plugins directory.


owopl Purchased


Pakiet zawiera 3 foldery, imagelinks, documentation, builder.

Żaden nie w zip

przesłać ftp, który? czy instalator WORDPRESS

Oh, sorry. I did mistake with the plugin recognition. You are talking about ImageLinks jQuery, anyway I wrote you an email with answer, check it.

Can you tell me if this is suitable for a responsive design?

Yes, if you change image size, hotspots and popovers will place to right positions also. Note: I didn’t update to version 1.4.3 on codecanyon yet.

it seems that the plugin is not working properly with the latest version of Wordpress. The image and hotspots have disappeared in the Wordpress backend. The hotspots are visible at the front. This is strange!

Ok, I will check it today.

presales – online builder is not working, see http://avirtum.com/demo/imagelinks/builder/

With the builder, can I crop and resize the image?

the builder site has lots of javascript errors, it is unusable

How can I see the builder before I decide on a purchase, thanks

I’m having problem using tables on my spots. They aren’t showing any border. As long I’m using it to list different links, it should show a border.

https://image.prntscr.com/image/y9P8S2SKS0u9VWSJYlK7VQ.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/FbGnimuDQQ2b90M_JeTmlg.png

Hello. First of all, check css styles, maybe my theme resets borders as example, in that case we should edit files: imagelinks.css or imagelinks.theme.[name].css

I’ve replaced all occurrences of “border:0” with “border:1” and added the CSS to the Custom CSS box, and it’s working. Perhaps I don’t know which one made it work since I’ve made both changes before test.

Thanks anyway.