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Can this be used to convert multiple images, or just one at a time?

Thanks :)

Of course! You can drag and drop as many pictures as you want simultaneously.

Do you think it’s possible to add a feature in to just shrink the images?

I have a lot of images with different extensions that can’t change, but I’d like to reduce their size.

Would be good to have this :)


Just got this and it seems to lose transparency on images :(

Hi Alex, I’m currently developing a feature to reduce the size of the images and improving the transparency problem ;)

Thanks for your feedback. Greetings.

is that any way to mange the reduction ratio. Suppose your image made 80% but i need 50% less so that my image quality remain same. is there any option. or. is there any option so that i show made this folder image to reduce to other size.etc

At the moment this option is not available. ImageFlip automatically reduces the image as much as possible without losing quality.

Great little app that is so convenient to have pinned to your taskbar 5 stars :)

Does not seems to work. I Got win 7. What could be the issue? This is very poorly documented.

Hi, I tested the application of new in Windows 7 and it works correctly. Do you see any specific error message?

When you drag and drop the image to make the new image, it is created in the same directory as the original. Is this your problem?


I would like to try this before purchasing. I need to shrink jpg and png files (generated in photoshop CS 5 – already saved for web) to at least 50% without loosing any quality!! I would like to test this with a picture of mine.

No problems Roadstars. Send me the image by private message and I send you the new image created by ImageFlip. Also I can send you a video with the test.

Thanks and regards.

Can we specify The size of the new file? I would like to create a size resizer but I want to make sure the size of the Final image is always the same size. Can that be specified.

The size of the final image is not adjustable, but always will be the same size as the original.


Does this come with sourcecode so I can change a few parameters?

No, the source code is not included.


Not sure if you’ve tested, but do you know how this compares to smushit in terms of size reduction?


Yahoo! Smush.it = 1.17 % of size reduction. ImageFlip = 50 % of size reduction. Awesome.

Image of comparative: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3686/8750007715_28b0537c16_b.jpg

Buenas Javier quisiera comprar la app pero quisiera saber si podrías hacer la prueba con una imagen que te pase y ver si reduce mas que tinypng podrías hacerlo?

¡Por supuesto! Envíame la imagen (subida a algún servidor, como http://imgur.com) por mensaje privado a mi perfil y te reenvio el correo con la imagen optimizada ;)

Great work! Good luck with sales! Looks clean and unique.