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Scrap the “Hi, I’ve bought and installed the product, however it’s preventing all other jquerry scripts from working, how do I solve this?” I just deleted a file. :chuckle:

Hi, I’m glad you like the script!

I looked at your webpage, and the ”_” next to the image is an underline caused by the link. If you give the <a> tag a style of “text-decoration: none;” then the line will go away.

I hope this helps! :)

Thanks, great advice. :)

How do I add, when hover the “zoom” image comes up? :confused:

Here is the basic idea: Give the <a> a style of “position: relative;”, and add a <span> inside of it.

The span tag should have the css: “position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 100%; left: 0; top: 0; display: none; background: rgba(0,0,0,.5) url(zoom_image.png) no-repeat center;”.

Now in your css, select the <span> when the <a> is hovered, something like “a:hover span”, and give it the style: “display: block;”.

This is a very simple example, but if you look in “styles.css” included with imagebox (on lines 148-168), you can see how I implemented it in the demo with css3 transitions.

I hope the explanation was clear and helpful. :)


Is there a suggestion you could make to reduce load time for the single link gallery feature? I love the option of having all of the galleries in one page, but after adding so many pictures into the one page, the load time suffers and causes the lightbox to open weird until the page is finished loading.

Any suggestions would help!


Hi dedrean,

I can look into what might be causing that problem and try coming up with a solution.

Ok! Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the solution.

Hi, How can i open an image with js command like‘URL’)

is there any way to do it?

Hi Webbu,

There is an method, but it doesn’t take a url to an image, rather it takes the anchor tag that has already been processed by imagebox.

If you don’t want the image to also have a thumbnail you can build an empty anchor like so:

<a href=”large_image_url.jpg” rel=”imagebox” id=”image_id”></a>

And then run the open method like so: document.getElementById(‘image_id’) );

Hi sarthemaker,

after a long long time searching after a responsive single link image gallery I finally found your imagebox.

ITS JUST AMAZING . Thanks for this fantastic script.

I thought there should be lots of these kind of scripts in the web for my purposes, but there is only yours and I am no coder to develop my own.

The only little wish I have is the code for preloading all the images for my 6 sets of different galleries. Perhaps it’s not a big thing for you to show how to accomplish this.

Markus form Germany.

Hi sarthemaker,
How can use the ImageBox V2 for DIV text content?
Is it possible?


Just a quick one before I purchase. I’m sure this is possible, I just want to check… I am showing photo galleries in my site, using a list of images, displayed in the RoyalSilder slider. I want to have a text link below this so that the gallery can be opened “full screen”. Will this be possible with your Imagebox? Do you have a link to docs so i can go through and see how it will fit? Thanks!

Hi shorn,

It sounds like Imagebox will work for your purposes as it has a function which can be called to open an imagebox thumbnail when a link is clicked.
I do not have the documentation hosted online, but if you send me an email, at, I can reply with the pdf attached.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

I just bought it and this is what I get when I try to upload it

I will try to do so, but I don’t reallu understand the part with “include the files in header.php

If you can send me an email from the bottom left of my profile page,, I can try to help you work through any issues you are having with getting Imagebox running.

Sorry, it seems the link was parsed incorrectly. Here is a working link:
Mine is not working right. I am a novice at webdesign. Can you take a look and give me suggestions. The image is opening in the same window by itself and not just enlarging for the viewers. The image i have is what i am working with.

Never mind I got it! Looks great thanks for the script!

I need some more help. My nav links are not working now. Is this bc of the script?

Hi. I am having some problems again. My navigation links are no longer working after I added the code. Here is the page again- The Paypal button is no longer working. I would appreciate your help!

Ok so i set the z index higher on the nav links but my paypal button is still not working. Any suggestions?

Got it. Changed .cover to relative instead of absolute.

Hi genojt,

I’m glad you got it all working! I apologize for not responding sooner.

Yep. Thanks for the script! Works great!

Hi! I’ve installed the Imagebox script with JQuery fix but can’t get it to work. Send you an email with the link of the page and hope you can help me …

Great script! Just wondering, is there be a way to add a button to view the original size on large photos, and then click it again to return to the browser window display?

Not a huge deal, but that would be fantastic if it could. Thanks!

Hi I recently purchase this script but can not get the image box to display online, works perfectly in DW editor. Do you have support email Thanks!


I’m glad you got it figured out. :)