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Hello, is this a script with a blank site where we have to upload all the images or does it pull images directly from other sites and saves them?

A solution: Download a software with this keyword “download all images from a website”, save those on your computer, select your favorites and upload it manually on this script.

i understand, i just asked that question because on ur demo site its written “Gather all funny images from the internet from the biggest websites of this niche”

Yes, the previous version gather all funny images but was unstable.

Great script:) And good luck with the sales. Will you included RSS feed in coming version?

Thank you! I wrote this in “to do list”. Probably this will be a function at next updates.

Hi, this script fail… I try all the option and i upload a image and say to me “wrong password”... I change the password in “proceseaza.php”...

My mistake. I forgot to add this information in documentation. Please accept my apologies.

When I ppen head.php and change the $md variable with my domain name, my site looses all style and does not function. What format should it be in? with http:// or the trailing / ?

Don’t forget to change the domain in .htaccess line 2,3. I’ll post a better version of documentation soon because this one have some mistakes.Thank you for your patience!

Ok, will try. Thanks

Yup, that was the problem. For some reason on my mac, the .htacces file was not there or was hidden. It worked fine on my pc. All is well and the script is fully functioning.

can we set maximum wdith can be upload? someone uploaded a huge background image and thus kinda break the site. the next button disappear

can we batch upload a group of images? or we have to feed it one by one.

maybe a go small previous image button in next update?

I really like this script.

You will see all these 3 ideas in next update. Thank you!


Nice script, i have a quoestion, how to change homepage like fun-in-one.com, if i not click “Give me a random image” i not see the picture/image.


This will be an option at next update. Check it after 2 or 3 days.Thank you!

Why doesn’t it start with a image? without image it looks empty, not everyone understand to click Random Image

Awesome Script ! Best sales ! Responsive version is possible (mobile,tablets)?

Thank you!Perhaps in future updates…

responsive? yet?
also i need if possible to have categories!,
need it for a small website ,that will be for pictures to show and be able
to comment and then share on facebook,and other share options.
also ,any chance in adding smiles to post options?

Author around? Is this being supported? I’m looking for updated version of this, any idea when?

Certainly next week.

I just bought the script, it has has bugs. Even if you change the url in the head.php, when you try to upload an image it redirects you to a page with the url of the demo website.

Also everybody can change the image description, so for what is the “password” needed?

Can I have this script instead of the one I jsut bought? http://codecanyon.net/item/funny-images-website-9gagdamnlol-alternative/5199781

Contact me via email.

Hi I’m facing the same problem as onlinebp. I have mailed you aswell. Can I kindly have the other script as well. Thanks

Demo is not working

Excellent work ! Good luck mate