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Great script but it seems to be having problems with my lightbox gallery.

Your preview isn’t working, can you fix it so I can check this out?

is it using GD library ? can you please put install description in ur script details ?

Yes any image manipulation script on PHP would use GD or GD2 . I’ll write it up on the FAQ page soon.

why do I go to yellowpages in demo?

Hi, I need to place thousands of watermarks over thousands of images. Can I batch and read from a csv? Can this be automated using your script? Cheers, j

You can instead put all of your images in one directory, and use the drop-in script, now when those images are accessed they would be watermarked automatically. There’s a sample in the zip file for this.

The available for download file refers to an other product: Really Simple File Sharing Web Application Please correct.



I’ve sent you the correct one in your email. I apologize for the mistake.

Anyone else who encountered this issue please send me a message.

It seems like one get irregular results with “getimagesize()” if being on a shared host that has disabled “allow_url_fopen”. For me, your script fail to get the correct watermark size 9 times out of 10, and instead seemingly picks a value at random (like height=70 in most cases, no matter what the correct height is). I finally figured out to do this: case 'image/png': $watermark = imagecreatefrompng($this->watermarkPath); $this->watermarkWidth =imagesx($watermark); $this->watermarkHeight =imagesy($watermark); break; And now the watermark is finally displayed the way its supposed to.

The reason I bought the script was to watermark a few images from an external site on the fly. Alas, with “allow_url_fopen” disabled, that is not possible. Have to figure out a curl solution instead… Not your fault though, even though it might save others some time if this is mentioned in the documentation somewhere.

Hello, can you please explain how to do a border also around the image? Thank you.


Is it possible to implement this script to wordpress woocommerce?

This only works for images or also for videos

The DEMO is out.

Any chance you can add a resize to it?