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Good Work !! GLWS :)

Thank You.


When i use the app with intersitial ads it wont work. Unfortunatly …. has stopped working. With bot banner and intersitial ads its working fine how to fix i only whant intersitial ads?

Can you give me exact logs ? You added both publishers id ?

No i only added the intersitial code the other juft left empty

do not left empty. make 000 . You made empty that’s way error occurring, getting id null. Thanks.

Thanks it worked.

You are welcome. give me review if you really like my support. Thanks.

Hello There,


Question… It appears as though the demo app is lagging a little. Is there anyway to correct this little glitch? I don’t want to publish to the market and then BAMMMMM! it’s crashing due to lag time.

Thank You!

Best Regards, Digital Chica

You going to purchase extended licence ?

Why should I purchase an extended license for a product that doesn’t work?

People have been telling you over and over again that the edit watermark text doesn’t work, but you refuse to update the code to make it work properly for buyers.

If you’re not willing to update the code, people aren’t going to buy your code. It’s just that simple!

Okay no problem . Do not buy my app.

Thank for your time.

Hey few bugs found.

- When deleting character in editing watermark text it tells me after every deleted chararcter if i whant to quit or not.

- Message says after saving its on the SD card but i gets put on the phone

String style[] = { “1.ttf”, “2.ttf”, “3.ttf”, “4.ttf”, “5.ttf”, “6.ttf”, “7.ttf”, “8.ttf” };

Just add more fonts in this array. File name is MainActivity.java

Thanks !

You are Welcome !!

what about multi lines text, and more than one text can you add it to the app.

I will let you know to add watermark for multi lines. That is very easy. Second thing is to add more than one texts. That doesn’t make sense. This is Image watermark. I have never seen multi texts in watermark app.

hey Code agent, can you tell me how to add multi lines watermark?

<EditText android:id=”@+id/et_text” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:layout_marginTop=”5dp” android:hint=”Watermark Test” android:singleLine=”false” android:textColor=”@android:color/white” />

paste this code for editbox in activity_main.xml


Hello There,

I have come back to see if you’v fixed the Text issue that I’ve found because you stated that you were going to fix it.

Are you going to fix this issue or are you handing out code to fix this issue as @darkphp appears to be experiencing the same exact issue that I am experiencing (you’ve already recognized that you were receiving the same issue and that you were going to fix it).

Regards, Digital Chica

Yes Please PM me. We will discuss in details.

Hello There,

I am still waiting on your to update your code so I can purchase it. Please let me know when and if you’re planning on updating your code.


If you can give instructions on how to disable the text watermark option all together, that would be better!!!

Regards, Digital Chica


I have already sent you solution and solved that issue already.


Update the download file so that the fix is included. I will not be buying your code until it’s on record that you fix it.

If you are not buying it it is okay. No problem.

I will update code soon.

Eclipse Project or Android studio ??

Eclipse project. What you need ??

Good, I need Eclipse project, I will buy now


I bought the code (Image Watermark), but admob ID is not working, Save image in the gallery is not working well, and other problems.

I fixed the problem of this code source on fiverr (by 15€), The source code quality is very low, and propriètaire (the author) not responding to email, I do not recommend, it deserves 00 star.

Please change package name and AdMob Id it will work. Let me know if you found any other issues. Thanks

Hai. Is there any codes image watermark for Android Studio?

I will update my all apps code in studio. But you can do one thing you can also import eclipse code in studio. Thanks