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Hi. I just bought your add-on. It works very well. I do not see an option for the image slide to loop?

Hello there, Vitexio! Currently, the Mockup Slider doesn’t have a loop function yet. The slider will rewind to slide 1 once it reaches the end of the slide in autoplay.

Thanks for the feedback anyways. I’ll make sure to let our developers know about this one and see if we can add more functions for the Mockup Slider. :)

Hello again, Vitexio! Just a correction of what I mentioned earlier, Mockups do actually loop automatically. I’m sorry about the mistake!

any chance of a responsive mockup layout showing mac, ipad, and phone all the same time?

Hello there! This sounds like a good idea. Although, the intended use for Mockups is to showcase images and videos in a certain platform. Currently, its only possible if you add mac, ipad and phone one at a time.

Thanks for letting us know though. We’ll give this idea a try and see if it is possible. Have a nice day! :)

for some reason, the slider only animates the 1st slide.. then stops after that.. is this a known issue?

Hello there! Can you tell us more about this issue? How does the second and other consecutive slides do after the first slide? Is it just not visible or it goes static on the first image? What browser version and OS version are you using on this one? Also, if possible, please update your plugin to the latest version. Thanks! :)


zacwhyyy Purchased

Just purchased the plugin. For some reason, the slider only animates the 1st slide.. then stops after that.. anyway to fix it?

Hi there! We’ve tried to reproduce this in our sandbox by creating a Mockup Gallery, but the slider is looping the way it should.

Can you tell us more about the problem? What browser version and OS version you’re using when you saw it? Have you also tried to view your page in another browser?

If you don’t mind, can show us the page with this problem? :)

Alternatively, you may also contact us via Support at If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thanks!


zacwhyyy Purchased

Hi there, here’s the link of the website. This happens when I placed to put the mockup in another tab as well. Thank you.

We’re sorry about that. We’re able to see the problem from your end, but we’re not able to replicate the problem in our sandbox. We tried creating a similar setup from your iPhone Mockup but we didn’t encounter any issues.

It is possible that the problem might have been triggered by a particular setup or by another plugin.

Aside from adding your images and selecting your mockup device, did you add any other setting for Mockups? If you don’t mind, if you have any slider or carousel related elements, is it possible for you to temporarily deactivate them for sake of testing if the Mockups works properly without them?

If you find any possible plugin that may be conflicting with Mockups, please let us know so we can test it out and find a solution to it.

If you’re fine with sending us a login to your site, we suggest to send it via Support Site. Then we can check it from your end instead. Please create a sample page with the mockup issue as well if that’s the case. Thanks! :)