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Nope. Mockup pretty much just work on Images and Videos. And once you pick a certain model Mockup, it will be the one for viewing.

Would you consider developing that? I would be interested, I would also pay 3 times the amount for that feature….

What I’m looking for is just a set of buttons to change the mockups (resize the video / images) with out refreshing the page and video.

The closest thing you can go for that is putting the Mockup in a Carousel or a Tab. That way, different Mockups, Images or so in one plugin. Carousel can scroll between item to item without refreshing the page. While tabs also have those buttons you mentioned and change from one item to another.

I love this plugin, and for my current project, I’d really like to put a slider in it. It doesn’t need to be Revolution Slider. I’m just sliding through a couple screenshots from my app, which are sized exactly to the screen size. How can I accomplish this?

Images will automatically fit in the size of the mockup. :)

HI- I just bought your plugin but the short code doesn’t work on my site. especially video and size. I checked your demo site and there was two examples for shortcodes. i want to see more short code examples. I don’t know why my site doesn’t work for video and resizing. Please let me know

Hello! We recently replied to your ticket. You can find it here:

I have purchased, downloaded and installed your plugin successfully, however the Screen Mockup is not appearing in my VC. The theme I’m using is

I’d prefer to use this as described without have to manually add shortcodes and their attributes. Thank you!

Your plugin’s compatibility also depends of the version of VC that you use. If it is modified, there is a little chance where this can happen. That is also one another reason why this plugin also do shortcodes.

Back on the problem, you might need to check if your modified VC built-in from your theme actually blocks the 3rd party VC addons from usage. You’ll know this from your Theme’s Documentation or from their Support System.

If their VC do actually allow 3rd party plugins, you might need to file a ticket to our Support Website at containing a backend access so we can check what’s wrong. Please also elaborate where did you try to put a Mockup, if its a page, post or a custom post type.

Hi, i asked you about the resizing problem on your support forum! Please let me know how to fix this:) Thank you!

Hello there!

We just recently replied to your ticket. Please check your Support Ticket again. Thank you.

Hi. Does it work with WordPress 4.2.3 and visual composer 4.6.1?

Yes it does. :) And we are also actively supporting this plugin.


Can I shortcode inside for sliders ?

Thanks so much!

This depends if your slider do support shortcodes. :)

Hi there,

Do you plan to add new iPhones, iPads and other modern tablets & phones?

Thanks, Igor

Hi Igor,

Yes we do. We prefer to add the latest mobile and tablets by bulk.
Do you have any suggestions on what we can add in Mockups by any chance? :)

Great! Please add all the latest verstions of the most popular brands. Thanks!

Noted. :)

Hi, before being, i’d like to know if there’s a way to change the mockup image, the devices. As in, I have realistic mockups, i’d like to know if there’s a way to put my mockup and display the video in it ?

The Autoplay does not work. The hidecontrols does not work. The size does not work. I already asked for refund.

Here is an example for Custom CSS: .gambit_mock_container padding-left: 100px; padding top: 100px;
You can change which padding direction you and the amount of your preference. Alternatively, you can also do the same thing using Row/Column settings, but this will adjust the whole contents inside the row (if you have other elements in it).

You can also divide your row into columns, this will also shrink the size of your mockup. :)


You can add support for Iframe?

The current version doesn’t support iframe yet. But I’ll note this down as a suggestion to our developers. :)

OK thank you. This option would be very useful :)

Have you added iPhone 6 and 6 plus to your plugin? Tks.

The plugin doesn’t have iPhone 6 and plus yet. But we’ll add this within a week or two. :)

Hi there, this plugin looks great, is it still supported? I see that there hasn’t been an update for over a year now?

Yes, this plugin is supported. :) We test our plugins whenever a new version of WordPress comes out.

Also Updates will be up in the future. We are still working on the iPhone 6 mockup.

Hi, thanks for providing a demo. I found a few bugs. 1) browser (sliver) is an iphone mockup not a browser mockup. 2) getting horizontal black lines with macbook pro. I know you can get rid of it with the offset BUT it causes the vimeo controls to stretch off screen too. Any way to fix? (eg: how easy is it to edit the macbookpro template myself and replace in plugin for correct aspect for video, rather than using the offset option. For me it looks bad if the vimeo controls are half off the viewport.

Hi mastubbs! About the issues:
1) This has been fixed on the recent version. If you want to grab a new copy, just file a ticket in our Support site for this one.
2) Currently the only way to remove black bars is by resizing the video itself. This is recommended to retain the quality of your video.

i dont use visual composer….how to create the shortcode instead?

Hi there! We have a list of shortcodes in our Live Preview. :)
Feel free to check them. You can also click on the Launch Demo if you want to see how do the shortcodes exactly work.

This plugin is very good.! But I wish I had a few options that i can control YouTube.This plugin seems to be perfect if only additional loop option!

in addition to the existing options [Hide Video Controls] and [Autoplay Video], we would like to have [Loop play Video] option added.

Thank you for the ideas. I’ll note this down on our suggestion list. :)


Can you use this plugin with this plugin?

Because I want to create a mockup image and then place the Loupe Image Glass on the image.

Currently, this is not possible unless you prefer a static image which can be workaround by taking a screenshot.

Thanks for your interest with the plugin. I’ll note this down and let our developers know about the idea. :)

Quite nice, but could I suggest it would be better with real device images not just a pen drawing. These days people expect to see an actual device or photo not just a drawing.

We have a similar plugin as what you mentioned, you might be looking for the Photo Real Responsive Mockups:


locko69 Purchased

Wow… only just found this and it looks awesome. Quick question, is there a way to change the mockup image backgrounds? For example, instead of showing an illustration of an iMac, use an actual image of an iMac instead, like this:


Hiya! :) Currently, our Mockup images is dependent on our own options and designs.

But just in case, we’ll also keep in mind about your idea of adding an actual image in one of our future updates. Have a nice day!


locko69 Purchased

Awesome. Thanks


Jak73 Purchased

Hi, i really love this plugin!!! It works very well on my post’s. Only thing i can’t get to work is, the mockup dont show up on my blogpage. How can i get the mockup also on my blogpage? I’m using optimizepress btw. Any idea? Hope to hear from you… kind regards Jak

Hello Jak, I’m very sorry about the late response. By any chance, does your blogpage support shortcodes? There should be no problem if it does. The only likely scenario is either the blogpage doesn’t accept shortcodes or there is a content in the page that may cause a conflict.

With this kind of concern, it is advisable to contact us via Support System: Please do expect that we’ll ask for your sample page and a login. This will be very helpful for us to replicate and see the exact problem from the backend.

Hey! Glad to see the plugin has been updated! The new version mockups_for_vc has a different name than the old, vc_mockups so installation doesn’t replace the original and now i have two versions installed.

Is there a process for updating the plugin from a previous version or should we just set up the new one from square one and eventually delete the original?

There was no mention of updating in any of the documentation.


Hi there! :) There should be no problems deactivating your old version and activating the new version at this point. Your pages with mockups should remain intact and working.

But you really want to replace the file names, you can always extract your and rename the folder to vc_mockups (zip it again) before installing the plugin.