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The demo doesn´t work.

Live preview dont work…

demo doesn’t work

Yeah – some WELL dodgy pharmacy link on Live Preview…

just bought, the uploading of the image is fine but the errors are unformatted. So it needs work. You dont want your user to see

Warning: imagecreatetruecolor() [function.imagecreatetruecolor]: Invalid image dimensions in blah blah.

So its not a plug and go piece of code.

I was going to buy this one, but … Demo doesn’t work so I move on … Sorry …

Script works great but there is only 1 problem:

Transparent PNG files loose their transparency when uploaded and resized. Which i kinda annoying since we need the transparency.

Any solution for that?

I’m in the same boat as dreamstar…

I love the script. Works great… except, transparent png files are no longer transparent once they are uploaded.

Any ideas about what may be causing this? I’m willing to work on a solution on my own if given some insight as to what part of the script causes this to happen.

Please advise.

hey patambrosio could you please tell me how the script changes the name of the picture after upload? greetz

It’s line 17 on resize.php

Has anyone of you tried to upload a file that is not an image? I did and the script crashed and threw errors. How to set the allowed filetypes for this form?

edit ok i fixted it…

$error = false; if(isset($_FILES[‘imagetoresize’])) { if (($_FILES“imagetoresize” "image/gif") || ($_FILES"imagetoresize" “image/jpeg”) || ($_FILES“imagetoresize” "image/jpg") || ($_FILES"imagetoresize" “image/pjpeg”)) { $ FILES ‘imagetoresize’=str_replace(” ”,””,$_FILES‘imagetoresize’); $ FILES ‘imagetoresize’=str_replace(” ”,””,$_FILES‘imagetoresize’); if(is_file($_FILES‘imagetoresize’)) {


demo not working

ENVATO, please delete this stuff from your site!

The developer of this seems to have abandoned it, so it should be removed from Code Canyon