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I’m wondering if it is possible to have a long text string as a caption… It seems that the text does not wrap inside the “image container”. This is probably a newbie question but can you help me out with that? Thank you so much!

Hello. Just apply width value on hover span, overflow none, and display block

hi this looks just what I want. However, can I change the size on hover? For example starts off as one image of say 50X50 and on hover it becomes 50×500 and another image? That would be ideal. If so could you give me just an example code for one image to do that?

Hello. This can be easily done by changing hover CSS values.

can anyone help me with this problem?

ok thanks.. not thinking too straight…

Hi, is there any auto margin left? or any other code then float-left ? :)

Hey, I’m sorry but I don’t understand your problem :(..

Sorry, didnt notice that there where in a

    tag :P

Hi there, thank you for the great code :)

In regards to the text hover – I wanted to increase the text size, so I;ve changed the line-height and font-size values as per below:

line-height: 25px; font-size: 20px;

This worked well, however the text now appears at the top of the box. How would I centre the text within the box?

Appreciate your help :) TwoNil


This looks great, can it be used with images in Wordpress posts and pages etc.

Hello, thank you. It’s possible but it requires some major time-consuming changes in your Wordpress

Is there a way to make this responsive?

Yes it is, all you have to change is width all of elements in exact order and rest should be fine.

I added the css to my wordpress css and added as a widget with html code you provided. Doesnt work! Any help?

Hello. You have to make sure you’re providing working CSS styles. What that means – make sure you added the CSS code right way. I just want to say this plugin wasn’t made for using in wordpress and it may have certain disadvantage in wordpress. Good luck


Is it possible to change the opacity of the hover color?


Hello. Yes it is. Via CSS change opacity value.

#image_slide span a { opacity: 0.75; }

I’m having trouble when using rectangular images. I’m trying to use this script on images that are 90px wide by 76px tall, and the effects are always distorted creating a gray space at the bottom. Can you help? It only seems to work for me when dealing with square images.

thanks! ephraim

I’ve found a solution to this problem… I just switch the hover from percentage to pixels. For some reason it can’t correctly calculate percentages when using rectangles. I have another question I’ll post in a second though…

What if I want to have both the image and the text be a link? For instance, I like it when only about 25% of the image slides up or down to reveal the text. But I can’t seem to get it so that both the image and the text work as functioning links. Can you help?

thanks! ephraim

One more question. I’m unable to get any additional lines of text to appear. I’ve tried what you recommended above. Ideas?

Hi, I want to buy it … But How can I instal this?

Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS

Thank you

The preview page for this script is downloading virus-laden .swf files…

Impossible, the link goes straight to Youtube.

Righto; then people can view the page at their own risk, but I’ll trust Norton Antivirus on this one.

I have a screenshot of Chrome rejecting the swf on unsafe grounds too. Made all the more interesting considering YouTube doesn’t accept swf files any longer, and has largely transitioned to HTML5. So… buyer beware.