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Can the admin bulk upload images? If so, how?

Yes bulk upload is available for normal users too.

Will this work with PHP 7.1?


brondo Purchased

when you write an documentation how about telling users what to upload and where!? what come to the root? the onepage or the public directory?


brondo Purchased

as an coder you should have a presize language

Can you please elaborate ?

hello, share BB code NOT Working.

support is not provided.

Our support is provided via – https://www.codercv.com/user/3/freelancer

Please send message there to receive support.


okey thanks

How much space will this take up on my server?

as much images you will have in your server.

Whoops, looks like something went wrong. localhost error

Please contact via our Support Channel : https://codercv.com/user/3/freelancer


Contacted you through your support, please reply asap, thanks :)

already replied to all support.


hello, want to purchase but watermark issue solved? and can edit all source after get?

watermark for gif is not supported yet – other watermark available.


have a bug in demo, when i “most like” than is comming nothing, over the side i see [object}

It comes when there is no data to show.

I bought but virus maybe, not work at all. how can you help me?

no there is virus in current version as well that’s why it is not uploading on server

so many times past since asked,

Are you serious ? Here are things – you should do immediately

- Please Upload and Scan the file – https://www.virustotal.com/

- Please scan your PC/laptop with Malwarebytes malware scanner ( it’s more likely that your system is infected and not file downloaded from envato-amazon server) – https://www.malwarebytes.com

- Also please install some recommended antivirus in your PC/laptop.

Script zip file is safe and 100% safe – It does not has any API nor it makes any connection outside beyond it’s app.

Please let us know more on how it goes with above 2 steps mentioned.


Hi, is there a way to upload or embed animated gifs or even videos? Thank you in advance :)

Gifs can be uploaded but not videos yet.

You can contact our support team, we can add those extra option.


I am little upset now. 1 month past, but can not install now. your script not work now.

now problem is , after install, not work posting

plz do not by this, I purchase but 2 month past, now developer said, can not install. agreed wrong function, now so stress from here. fucking site

Your site is running live here – http://dodari.net/ and when did we mention or said anything like or even near to above mentioned words.

Anyways,. There is no point telling your mistakes again and again when you don’t understand or want to take them.

403 error is not our errors, it is you or some one from your side is playing with hosting and various other hosting or your pc virus issue.


I have a question: I want that only registered users see the page with content. Everybody who is not a registered user can only see the Login/Register Fields on the Page, so that only registered user have access to the page and the content. Can you do trhis for me? Maybe a have more requests in future…So what do you think??

Thanks for contacting our support team. I hope, developer has answered your all query in support portal.

Let me know, if you have any other question.


some questions can i change image size of images on front page? where can i see different themes/ and can i add ads on sidebar? or other places thnx

1. Yes, you can change the size of images.

2. You can set different themes from admin panel ( checkout settings screenshot )

3. Yes, you can add ads on header, footer all pages and sidebar of posts.


How do you expect to make any sales if you don’t update at least once per year?

The scope of update is not available, the app was built using latest technolofy which is still there. Once there is any breakthrough, the update will come.

Most of the features was built in first step, so that user’s don’t have to continuously update their app with updates as their customization that buyer has done to their site faces issue and overload.

Updates regarding feature should come as addon, so that it does not create issue for the current buyer with their customization.

For addon, we are open for request, let us know, we will create the add on and start selling them too.

There is error when try login with facebook “Whoops, something wend wrong”
Do script is translatable?

I will look into facebook login issue.

Yes script is translatable.


So?I see you are remove facebook login.

:atribute strings also is translatable? (ex: The email field is required.)

Hi, Yes, I have removed facebook login, since recently there was domain change from 0me.in to prublem.com and we were not sure, who created facebook app in our team, as we also need to change URL in app too. But not an issue, it’s just a matter of URL change, we will be soon putting facebook login back as soon as URL changes are implemented.

No “attributes” strings are not translatable, I guess.