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Please Update

Hi sir, update is on it’s way.

No new feature will be added. Only watermark option has been added.


Hi Update has been uploaded. Three basic changes :-

1. Enable / Disable Guest Upload

2. Enable / Disable Watermark

3. Attachment delete fix for admin.

i can’t see any changes some file from 1st download after week

Keep patience. Update will be downloadable after envato quality team check. It may take max. 1 day.

By the way, you have great domain. My all power and great wishes to you! We would like to see your domain growing. Let me know, if there is anything to help. Stay connected.


how user / admin change password from cms ?

User / Admin needs to use reset password form to reset their password , due to following factors :-

1. It is not secured to reset the password from just 2 input field without verifying the old password and old password cannot be verified due to below 2 factor :-

2. Asking for old password is not applicable as some user may be logging in with social media accounts and thus, there is no old password stored in such user profile, when they have used social media like facebook, twitter, google to register.

3. As script has option to disable registration form completely and use social media accounts solely to register and login, which again makes it not wise to reset via 2 input form securely.


Let me know if you have any question.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

can we create a private or public album ?

so users can create an album ? like this http://imgur.com/a/uAFvn ?

Not like an album, where user can add more images to post. But in first creation, they can do something like these :-

1. http://0me.in/story/12/get-started-today

2. http://0me.in/story/33/great-short-jungle-story

Adding multiple images on post and sharing to community is possible.

That’s great !


I followed your installation instruction exactly and still have no luck with having this be up and running. Anyway I can get some help?

Yes sure, can you please tell me , what issue you are getting ? If there is any private information to share, Kindly contact via support tab.


update to something like this: http://giphy.com is better! Good job!

Yes, it is already like giphy.com , what else are you looking for ? Do you mean on design perspective like giphy.com ?


can you put this on share server?

how do i pay that?

@ampmark Interested in buying the script ?

I sent a message on your codercv.com to upload this. How fast can you do it? Will you message me back there?

Reply sent. Kindly check the message.


How long would it take you to complete?

It will be completed in 30 minute.


How do you enable guest uploads and the watermark? I’ve looked all through the instructions and settings and can not find this

Kindly check support message. Answer has been replied there.


What are the server Requirements?

PHP 5.6 and above and mysql 5.x+ ( 90% hosting would be having these by default ) php-gd , php-mcrypt and other basis php extension.

pls send me the developer version, i mean all the migration files etc

Hi, I don’t use migration, i create table using “mysql”.

Files and folder are available as it is. If you need list of package file used in product for developer version, kindly purchase the extended license and send me message via “support tab”.


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That’s pathetic. Instead of buying extended license for developer version ? You are discriminating based on country and abusing it ? I am reporting your profile.


Do you have a rss importer from rss sources if yes i will buy it straight away if not do you intend to ad it in future or maybe plan to add some sources like imgur/reddit or something else

No, there is no RSS importer at the moment, but may be i will look in future. I have been receiving lots of request from user already to start working on option mentioned earlier.

I will look in to your request in december,


Pre-sale question: Can the admin set, which filetypes are allowed for uploading? For example, only *.gif or only *.jpg ? Can the maximum allowed filesize for uploading be set?

maximum allowed filesize can be changed from configuration file.

For limiting file type upload, you will need to edit 1 line in Controller file. ( it’s easy )

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Got multiple reply by mistake.

Hello, will you provide free installation? With regards to the media files storage where does it store. is it on server or has an option like S3 amazon?

Hi Installation cost 10$. It stores on your server. To upload in amazon bucket. Few things needs to be tweaked.


Is there a search ? I dont see it in the demo. Thanks

Yes it is , just below logo

If you add the monetization function, I buy :)

care to explain more, i will forward this to developer ..

ie to be paid users to upload images.

1) The user may upload the image 2) distribute links on facebook, twitter, youtube, website. 3) And this brings more website visitors , and who will see ads displayed 4) And the user to be paid for work. Ex: 1 $ for 1000 views

Example ADF [.] Ly, shorten links, distribute and make money.

Something similar with this script, upload images, share the link and earn money.

To add and check capcha before viewing the image, or 99% of traffic will be false.

Can you please send message here :- https://codercv.com/user/3/freelancer one of our team will be there to assist you in this.


which framework u hv used in this

Laravel has been used in provided product.