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Is it possible upload videos?


No, not yet, but we can implement them for small 10$ fee.


1. How long does it take to work?

2. Don’t you want to update it officially?

1. It may take 1-2 days. 2. Not planned yet! If there is demand, than for sure.

Is email register possible?

is it only possible google or facebook?

1. email registration is possible, you can enable and disable from admin panel.

2. No, you can have all option.

Our support is available via here –

1. Is it possible to insert tags?

2. Is it possible to search, search for tags, search for users?

3. Do you plan to update it?

No, it is not possible to insert tags in given script, but we have implemented in one of our client, we can do that for you too, but it will cost extra.


Why does the homepage load so slow?

There must be something wrong with your browser – if you can open codecanyon, than is 2 times faster than codecanyon.

With only 40-50 HTTP request , 2 css file and 2 js file without optimisation and combing any assets. It is one of the lightest script available on codecanyon

Also, is any of the code encrypted?

No, code is not encrypted.

such a beautiful script. Can’t believe the author let it die :(

It’s not dead. It is still supported and all request are taken.

Our support is available via –

Thank you

Wow. That’s all I can really say. I have been manually installing PHP scripts for 8+ years an have never encountered such a troublesome script to install. I’ve spent hours checking to make sure everything is correct, done several uninstall + reinstalls, meddled around with MySQL and PHP versions to see if that would fix anything and still no luck.

Install instructions are simple enough but unless I am completely blind to something this script simply does not install.

YES my server meets the requirements for the script and YES my knowledge of script installations far surpass what it should take to install this. Really disappointed. Enjoy my $33.

Hi CjTheFish,

I am extremely sorry to hear, you are having a problem installing script – Is it possible to share any information on what error do you see? or why do you even have to do the multi-install or re-install?

Installation is simple – 1. “Upload Files”

2. “Upload Database”

3. “Done”

Please connect with us on – , We will do free installation for you in less than 5 min.

I am extremely sorry, for the problem you are facing. Please connect us on our support URL above and we will do it for you in less than 5 min for FREE.



Alfiez Purchased

Can it change edit the language of the web and cms? I can pay $10 more,if it can add some features? I want it can upload texts,videos&audios,(videos at least) and users search for specific content based on tags, and it support waterfalls flow the user needs a mobile phone number when registering and logging in.


Can you update script with latest PHP 7.3 version? And please can i see admin panel? Thanks

We do not have any plan for that now, as most of the user based doesn’t have 7.3.

Installed but getting blank white screen in browser. Thoughts on what I did wrong on install? Running AMI2 PHP7.3

Filled out 2 support tickets yesterday. I started over with a new AWS instance and installed php 7.2 this time. Still can’t get the scripts working, blank white page.

Your server issue has been resolved. We did this for FREE, in future, it will cost 5$ charge for installation.