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I would love to see it on Visual Composer… Nice work !

Thanks. we will definitely consider building one for visual composer

how do you use it


Just edit any page using cornerstone and then simply search for the element named image showcase. Just drag and drop the element like normally you do it for other elements and start creating your page.

What are the chances of adding support for better SEO compliance, but adding ALT and TITLE tags? Other then that I love the add on!


The title and alt tags would be added to the plugin very soon and we will release an update for the same.


Is there also an enlarge picture event when clicking on a hovered item?


Not sure what exactly you meant. Can you please be more specific ?

I don’t want the font sizes to change when the browser size changes. How can I turn that function off?

If you really want that then you would have to make custom modifications on the plugin.

Hi guys, Any chance you know how I would remove the white space below each image in your plugin? Ive already made sure all the rows, columns and sections in cornerstone have 0px for padding and margins on top and bottom so its not that. You can see what I mean here theres about a 10px white space below each image


You have to make change the css from plugin. In the plugin there is a css file named as mg-imageshowcase.css inside assets folder. Just go to the line number 1 and you can see there is padding-bottom: 10px. Just change it.

Legend. Thanks, worked like a charm.


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Hello sorry but i dont see where is this plugin in wordpress when i activate this ? thx

i have wordpresse 4.5.3


this is the Cornrestone addons. So you have to install Cornerstone with Wordpress. After that you can use this module feature.

I’m looking at your plugin and I was wondering if you have implemented the feature to add ALT and TITLE tags? Would be great if you had a change log on CodeCanyon so we can see what has been done lately. Looks like a great plugin.


The update isn’t online yet. It would be available within few days.

Hi Guys,

I’m using Image Showcase for Cornerstone and have run into a problem – when choosing the images to insert there isn’t an option to choose the image size (like there usually is when inserting media). This means that it’s using the original image. Our original image sizes are frequently greater than 4,000 pixels wide and over a couple of megabytes.

This obviously has a huge impact on load times.

Is there a way to choose the image size?

I guess then we need to modify the code a bit on the plugin. Are you familiar with PHP ? OR you want us to do that for you?

Sorry for the slow reply – it would be great if this was added as core functionality to the plugin


Okay. Please share your login details at so that we can change the code directly from there and fix the issue.


There are two svg files referenced in mg-imageshowcase.css:

triangle.svg triangle2.svg

But they are not included in the downoad zip – please advise.


Please share your website url with login details at so that we can check the issue and make a quick fix for you directly there.


My site,

There is a phantom bottom margin occurring under each image showcase element. I was able to somewhat fix this by adding this code:

.mg-imageshowcase { margin-bottom: -10px; }

But there is still a bottom margin issue of about 1 pixel, depending on screen size. If I make the css:

.mg-imageshowcase { margin-bottom: -9px; }

There is a gap in between the images.

Please help, thank you!


Sorry for that issue. You can change the css code to make it fix. If you are okay with css then just use this piece of css codes in your theme css file

html body .mg-imageshowcase .mg-imgshowcase-item, html body .mg-imageshowcase .mg-imgshowcase-item figure { max-width: 100% !important; }

Let us know if still you have any issues. Also if you liked our plugin and support then please give us a review on codecanyon. It really keeps us motivated and also helps us to keep the plugin updated with time.

That worked! Brilliant, thank you. The plugin is fantastic.

Thanks for the appreciation. Please give review so that we can update the plugin by time.

Does this plugin work for x Pro? Themeco got rid of cornerstone or now just calls it Pro. I can’t seem to run this plugin anymore since i switched to the x Pro theme


please create a support ticket for this issue.

Can this be used on buttons or only images?

I just realized that there is an update so I downloaded and installed it but it’s still showing at 1.0 in my plugin list. I was looking at this as I cannot see the image elements in Cornerstone after I’ve made my selection and I have moved to another element (probably not you guys but I’m eliminating 3rd party plugins since the 5.2.2 update to streamline things.


currently we are working on the update for the plugin so that it would work for cornerstone and x theme latest version.

Thanks for the heads up! I really like this plugin.

When will the update be released?