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Facebook login not working friend request not working lot of fields in register page

please correct the above

For facebook login, pl. check – http://mobilemerit.com/get-facebook-app-id/ Friend request feature is not mentioned in feature list – http://mobilemerit.com/image-sharing-app/

yes so many errors and bugs…

Pl. send a DM, so we can check

This app updates need to be more than that , such as

show profile firend like botten comments

add peple

Thanks for the feedback. Updates will be added in next updgrade


i could not try. very laggy, slow, crashed.

Since it is image posting and sharing it is dependent on Mobile Internet speed

hello, i have imported the project file in eclipse then in step 2 you have uploaded facebook files and in you app thier is no facebook folder so what can i do now?


Pl. DM error log

can i get your skype?

Pl. DM – error log . Then only developer will be able to understand

Will an IOS version be released anytime soon? Would be awesome if you add an in-app-chat or message system.

Yes, we will be working on it

whts is new update

not now


whts name class name on facebook?


as you it’s using facebook api, so this class and methods is handle by facebook api. so before make any modification please read about facebook api and it’s method. for info i want tell you when this class start it’s check whether you are logged into you facebook app or not if you already looged in than it’s run some methods if not than it’s give you a screen to first log in.

Edit using android studio can ?

Hi, will the app be able to allow users from multiple social network websites to login and upload pics(also write captions) and comment on them?

Not clear, pl. download apk and check http://mobilemerit.com/image-sharing-app/

I meant- can users login using their existing credentials of facebook, pinterest, instagram etc.?

facebook yes

not upload image demo ?

Not clear

Where are the images uploaded By deleting images uploaded…..Upload images are too slow…...........To transfer images to your own server


Upload images are slow

Ok check internet connection

To transfer images to your own server

ok pl send DM

No new updates

not now

plz refound Then purchase unintentionally

pl. check with codecanyon

Parse will be down soon. And i do not have account there . Can i use something else instead parse

No sorry

why your app is even here if its not good anymore??! I want my money back!

does signup & login via social networks available ?

Hi guys… Is there a change to integrate this template into a fresh Android Studio project? Without a lot of errors? Or is the developer not available? I am able to spend my money…. But without support its to hard for me…

Please answer developer!