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why dont you also make an tinypic clone im looking for one of them.

I will look into the tinypic clone

Can you upload images to the script?

No. This script is only for serving/resizing images already stored on your website. I just used it in a simple shopping cart. It saved me from having to store 3-4 different sized images per product.

Nice work! Purchased.

does this script disallow the inclusion of files of other types? what i mean is I don’t want to open my site up to php hacks..

The images are not loaded with any REQUIRE or INCLUDE statement, they are first run through the “getimagesize” command which retrieves image information, then loaded with the imagefrom GDI commands. If any file but an actual image is given to open, an error will result.

I’m very curious if this is the TimThumb script created by Tim McDaniels and Darren Hoyt with tweaks by Ben Gillbanks This script souldn’t be for sell becouse is for free. please take a look: http://code.google.com/p/timthumb/

Take a google search before you buy something. Another “same” script: http://shiftingpixel.com/2008/03/03/smart-image-resizer/

For free

ajaxmonk – please don’t hate me, but is not fare

I assure you, I wrote this from scratch. I am not aware of the other script. If I was then I would have used that instead of writing this one. Its not a hard thing to code so I am sure there are several versions of this thing floating around. Feel free to purchase it and compare code if you are unsure :)

Well maybe Tim should have put his script on themeforest and sold it. :)

Ok, just checked out his source code. I assure you that my code is MUCH different then his and the two others programmers who wrote that.

I challenge you to download my script and compare the code.

My code does one thing, resizes and serves an image. It doesn’t depend on .htaccess and doesn’t have caching ( which is something I should add ).

The bigger question is to why you are so concerned with my script being on this site? Every script on this site can be found somewhere else in one form or another for free. The only reason anyone would care would be if they somehow had a personal connection with Tim or one of the programmers who wrote his script WHICH I knew nothing about before this posting.


I have the image to another web site.

I want to use script in this way:

but not function

I can’t understand why…

Could you explain a bit more in detail in what your trying to do. I can better determine the issue and send you an upated script :)


I try do this:

img src="imagesprocessor.php?src=http://example.com/images/img.png&w=222&h=111"

I try load image from remote site…


I have a second little issue on this page:


I use mode crop for resize image… but some photo have a black border on bottom or left…

You can see the first image on slideshow….

This Script does not load images from Remote Site and expects images to be local to its location.

The mode=”crop” must be something you added to the script and is the cause of the bottom border. If you send me the script with your added “mode=crop” code, I will see if I can figure out a resolution for you.

oops… sorry…

I write on wrong author….

I buy your script and this script this http://codecanyon.net/item/image-resizer/75276

But I have this problem with other script…


Hi Very interested to buy your script but have a few question before I do so. 1-Will your script keep the aspect ratio at all times when re-sizing? 2-I’m able to re-size by length and/or width? 3-will a image quality loss occur when re-sizing?