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Wondering how I can add an absolute path to work on my OS X server?

how can I make it work in a folder on my domain ? thank you

borni does not currently provide support for this item. I cannot use the item

Of course you can use it in a folder? Was it too difficult for you to upload the script on a folder on your site and try it yourself before asking? I’m sorry if you expect support for such a tiny task. If it doesn’t work, 100% your server doesn’t have ImageMagick or GD installed Thanks for your purchase.

error in Image Resizer view in our no upload no resize

Congratulations for that script i like it! I have one question: How works multiple uploads images? Because by default i can only process single upload for browser, when i upload second image browser show me only last image to process.Thank you for answer

Hello, Thanks for the purchase. You can select multiple images but some browsers don’t support it. PM me so I can take a look at the fix.

Hi, looks great but isnt working for me My host is godaddy, linux php5 +

when using GM the output is a corrupted zip file

when using Imagick after upload i get the “Fatal error: Class ‘Imagick’ not found in /home/..../public_html/ on line 4

instructions says nothing to do to get it to work? please detail what i need to do to get it to work thanks

Hi Borni thanks for getting back to me so imagick seems to be working now , however no matter what i use imagick or GD my zip file is always invalid when i extract it. Godaddy says there is no problem their end.

does it not work on php 5.4?

Hello maxkil

Can you please PM and I will get back to you via email.

Is it possible to place ads? And I would also like to know if it is possible when someone resizes an image it only stays for a few minutes on my server after being deleted.

Yes those are possible. If you are familiar with php, you can do both of those things.

Can you help me with the code so that the image is deleted from the database after 20 minutes?

Hello, Yes is possible to make a script like that

This script works great under the GD library. I could not get this to run on a GoDaddy shared server even though GD is supported. The script ran great on a2hosting and will probably run great on others. Look up how to install a phpinfo(); file on your server and check that the GD library is supported. If you are trying to run this on GoDaddy…don’t.

Is it script accept automatic orientation based on EXIF?

does the script delete the pic that visitors upload over time ?

Hello, I want to change image upload limit (20 to 100) is possible?

Hello i have automatic plugin It push the images from my website to socail media pages But it pass some images and post contente to facebook without images is your plugin can automaticllay resize the puplished images and Quranty it will not pass and it will puplish on Facebook