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Hey nice script. Can this script be used to let users upload any image and then re-size it? thanks :)

No this script only resizes/crops images. You have to upload them with external script. I think I could create a upload option with another update of UTC.


I’ve added the upload feature. You can also check the documentation.

Good job! GLWS

Thanks a lot!

upload feature is a must

All right. Stay tuned – update is comming ;]

Upload feature is now available. Let me know what you think.

without upload ..its nothing

I’m finishing another product right now. When I’m done with it I’ll update UTC. Estimated time: next week ;]

Like I promised: upload feature is available.

Hi Support,

The demo is limiting the width and height crop settings. Can the width and the height paramater be extended to more than 590px..?

how do we set the watermark logo, is it set up on installation of script?

please advise…

I think you’ll get a notification from CodeCanyon that the item was updated.

i just sent you a private email. please advise.

perfectly awesome….

Thanks again…

Some images from IPhones are sideways… That’d be something to fix.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into it.

Script works great however the fact that you can’t load images in different folders is a major limitation. You should be able to load images like this: “img.php?img=folder_name/sub_folder/demo-image.jpg&w=450&h=200&mode=cbh”. With the current way, you can only work with images that are in the main folder that is specified.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m putting it on my ToDo list. This feature should be added with next update.

I’m glad to inform that subfolders are now supported by Ultra Thumbnail Creator

Hello man. Great script and nice documentation. I want to use this with my cms but the same problem as the above user. My cms put the images in folders. In folder images/folder1, images/folder2 etc.. In batches of 300 images each folder. So since its unable to load images from different folders make that amazing script unusable for me. Im looking to find a script to make my job and im a bit in hurry. How long you belive it takes to release the next update? If its soon i will buy and use your script.

Please contact we through support form so we can exchange files. If you can send me the generated file “250×200_ci_0_bl_0_”.

Hi, please download the latest version of UTC – I’ve fixed some issues that caused the problem.

Hello. Thank you for this update. We are on holidays now. Will try it after Monday.

It would be possible to cut an external image as in the example?

It’s not possible with the default product (it wouldn’t be secure enough). However, if you buy it I can make custom modification just for you. If you are interested please contact me through private message and we will discuss price and details of the custom mod.

What is the value $ to personalized?

25$ and it can be done within 24hrs

I was using SLIR. As I have problems with names of images with special characters like spaces, etc… I need to know if, for example “my photo 2100á.jpg” is valid to use with this script.

Hi. Yes special characters are not a problem to Ultra Thumbnail Creator. Feel free to test it in the demo.

I get: GET 500 (Internal Server Error). Sure may be permissions error?

Hi. This could be a permissions issue. Please set proper CHMOD for the images and cache folders so the php will have access to write to those directories. I’ve sent more information in reply to your support message.


mannyGo Purchased

What does the recent update includes? Thanks

Hi, The main class file has been updated (utcpro.class.php). I’ve also updated the documentation.


sms09 Purchased

Hello, can you tell me how can I use this plugin for my WP site, It will be better if you do a video tutorial, Thanks

Hi, This item is not a WP plugin (you can’t install it through Word Press admin panel). Although I think you can use it with Word Press – but it would require some template files modifications (links to the images). I’ll send more information in response to your support message after I perform some tests on UTC-WP cooperation capabilities.

Hello again. I have problem with images that have “spaces” in the name, like “foto 8 empresa.jpg”. How can I solve it? Thanks. Image seems to be: “foto%208%20empresa.jpg”

Hi. I’ll check it out as soon as I can. I’ll get back to you on Monday.

Hi, I’ve tested the UTC demo. Images with names with spaces are treated normally. Example: Server can convert ‘space’ into ‘%20’ – but it does not affect functionality. Let me know if the problem concerns processing of the image or just the naming.

Hello to the documentation you have as example ” /home/user/images” on variable $filesPath ..

I try to use /home/michael/public_html/media/images

means absolute path from the root, without backslash at the end, but it didnt work.. I change it to /home/michael/public_html/media/images/ and it works. So maybe there is a small error to the documentation or its a bit confusing because i was trying to follow the steps.

Thank you for pointing this out. I’ll check it out and update the docs ASAP.