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HI, code in swift?

No, it’s On Objective C

Hi, Do I need an external server to host and manage the question? Or all the question can be packed within the app? Thanks

Yes.. You need server for host php admin panel that manage question add/update/delete also manage level there.

Can I use the Android version php backend for this IOS version?

Yes. you can use same backend for both app.

Users have to play from the beginning every time? Bored after several play, isn’t it? Why there’s no way to save the progress?

progress is save but we set constrain that if user give 7 answer true then level will completed otherwise user have to play again that level. but this constrain you can change it. at code.

If the user losed, they will have to restart from the beginning again right, when they play again?

if user completed 3 level then it will save. And now it playing level 4 and loss then user have to replay level 4. not need to play 1 to 3 again.


I want to buy Image Quiz for iOS. As it was last updated in Oct/2015. May I know whether it still work and can be submitted to Apps Store ? For example, does it support iOS9 & IPv6 ?

yes. it support.

Good luck with selling!



I have tested but photos and questions are not displayed. Can you solve my problem? How to fix? See picture : http://bit.ly/2wK0RxW


Can you please contact me skype: keraisureshv

I want to buy it, but I require it to be random. of a group of 200 images, 10 randomly with 4 random answers, for the user to choose

Yes. Functionality alredy exit.