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Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

Hi thank you :) I wish you big sales too!


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Hi, thank you :)

Wish you good sales too!

Nice work, congrats! GLWS

Hi thank you :)

Wish you good luck and big sales too!

Your demos aren’t working for me, when you click those little dots, a text box appears and then fades off straight away. On safari mac. Would be interested in buying. Seems like the little text item need a higher z-index when they appear :)

Hi, the “bug” is fixed.

Problem was the css attribute “animation-name: fadeInY”.

I wrote a Javascript callback function for Safari (only Safari 10.1.2 and below versions) that fixes the problem.

Sent the update to Envato and after approving the update will be available. I will inform you about it.


you can test the update now on the demos, will work with all Safari versions.


update with fix for Safari is now online.


firefog Purchased

I have some Idea You need a admin setting page where we can change the setting of the popup 1. it should auto close when click something else or click another pointer. 2. Changing the animation style like slide,popup,fade instead of flip 3. you also can get idea how should the popup/tool tips example on the product section https://goo.gl/8choNC here they did it nicely


cool idea, i very like it :D

Actually i am working on a WordPress fully customizable responsive Theme with an own “visual composer”. I think, this theme is finish in one or two weeks. After that, i want to make some updates on my plugins.

Then i will update the image pointer plugin too.


I need pointer image should display instead of woocommerce product image.Shortcode not working in woocommerce product image file,I mean http://webdevonline.net/demo/Beadbreaker/test/ page image should display on http://webdevonline.net/demo/Beadbreaker/shop/little-buddy-bead-breaker-parts/ instead of woocommerce product image.


i wrote you a little script, please download this:

Unpack the ZIP File and copy the sr folder in your WordPress main directory.

Open the index.php, and put your database account settings, the old domain name and the new domain name in the right fields and call the script with your browser:


After the script runs, your image paths will update to the new domain.

Kind regards

Thank You

You’re welcome :)


I’ve already posted on your support board: This plug-in doesn’ work with “Avada”-theme – only the image is shown, without pointers, descriptions are placed above the image.. How can I fix this?

Kind regards

next problem… :-(

wenn ich 2 oder mehrere Shortcodes auf einer Seite platziere, funktionieren sie nicht mehr korrekt.


Gibt´s da eine Lösung?

Besten Dank vorab und Grüße, Nicole

Hi Nicole,

momentan sieht das plugin nur einen Shortcode pro Seite vor. Denke das im nächsten Update mehrere pro Seite möglich sein sollte.


can you link the hotspots to open another page?


Maybe in the Next update

Hi. Congratulations for the plugin, it looks great.

I have a question Is it possible to change styles? I mean the background, the font, and some colors. I see you do not have an administrator for that but maybe I could change them from the css.

Thank you.



thank you. Yes that’s right, changing the layout is only via css possible… at moment. Update will come for this plugin.

There is a custom.css in the plugin for changes, if you need help, write me, and i send you some examples.

Best regards


Last question. Is it possible to add a button or link to the text in the description?

Thank you.


sorry, not at the moment. It’s only for plain text (string), sorry.

Best regards


Would it be possible to customize this to allow site users to mark their own image uploads ?



that is already possible, but you would have to completely rebuild the plugin for a session based member system. If you’re a developer yourself or someone who does that for you, that should not be a problem, but I do not have to offer such a plugin. But as I said, you can rebuild it.

Best regards


teubl Purchased

Hi there,

Can we have images as markers? As far as i can find in the comments here, the markers are only css-elements, but we’d like to create our own custom markers, as image.

The infoboxes we can style with css right?


You’re welcome :)


teubl Purchased

Ah, I read you can’t add links atm. Hope you can add this soon (perhaps allow html code in the popup blocks). We prolly need this..Cheers!


that’s right, is planned for soon, unfortunately, I currently have no time for it.

Best regards

Hi. It is possible to put an image instead of text. My idea is to put an image like in demo 3 and when you click on the cursor, an image of the interior of the house appears. Is this possible?

no sorry!

Hello, I am interested in purchasing your plugin but in the Edge browser the image/text just fades away or doesn’t work at all when you click on it. Any fix? Thank you!

Hi, thanks for the hint, I will check that.

Best regards

Hello, i want to buy your plugin but the demo doesn’t enough for me. can this plugin make the pointer direct link to another url?


sorry not at the moment.

Best regards

do we always have to click the points? Is it possible to show the content when we come over the point? (Hover effect)


if you want to use hover effect instead of click for opening the popups, then use this modified js:


Save this js to the plugin_path/tpl/assets/js/

Best regards

Hi, After i saved an item, i cannot edit it. When i’m clicking on the edit button, nothing happens, just keep the loading bar for hours… What could be the problem?


i think the problem is that you used HTML in the standard text editor, and that’s why you get an Javascript Error. Only way is to delete the entry in the database.

If you need help, please send me a temporary database and wordpress access, and i’ll fix it for you.

best regards


Another question: Is there any way to insert html (or an image) instead of the text? It would be necessary for me, and as i see for a lot of people… If it is not possible, can you improve the plugin to allow it? :)

Thanks in advance!