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How can i change the images? Its necessary to have 60 images? like 60 seconds? Thank in advance

Thank you for purchasing my item

Set the maxImages param to how many images you have and change the html image to what image you need <img src=”YourCustomImage” alt=”” />

To set the time animation to 1 second set the animationTime to 1000 example:

        animationTime:1000,// set the animation time to 1 second
        maxImages :20// set the max images to the number of images you have

Hi, I just bought your nice script and modified it easyly for my needs. But it is slow with bigger images 800×600. The solution – I think – would be to to preload the images, can you do a update or give me a hint, integrating this?

the update is approved!

Great – see what I made of your work (only removed the slider):

Looks great, good to know. Thank you!

Hello! Great slider! Works wonderfully & easy to customize. Thanks!! One question: is there a way to make it work on Mobile? I can’t seem to grab the slider to drag it across the images: thank you!

Thank you OpteraG, For the momment is not responsive. But now that you asked this, we will add support for mobile and tablets soon

Thank you!! Really is a great script, super easy to implement.

Hi! Great plugin by the way. I need to customize the slide bar style and position (on the image instead of below). Is there any way to do that. Thanks


Yes. To position wherever you want you can set the position to absolute for the css class .navigation { position: absolute; }. In this case make sure the parent is positioned relative. Let me know if you want more help. The bar and the buttons can be styled from css very easy

Great plugin, works exactly how I want it to but one thing I’m trying to figure out is how do you manage to reverse order the slider? I’d like it to begin on the right showing the last image first.

direction:0, startFrom: enter_here_last_frame_number,

Thanks for the quick response but i’ve already tried that and still does not work (i’m getting no js errors).

Update: I’ve figured it out. Thanks for your help!

Running into an issue again. In your example you’re image count goes up to only ~60. I’m having issues when going into the triple digits. For example I have 240 images that need to be used and reverse ordering the slider causes issue. I’m not sure how the naming convention should be. Some help would be great. Thanks.

I made a mistake yesterday. So I will clarify this today

1. Naming conventions: Your images should stick to a format like: 001,002, 003….200

2. Let’s say you have the following sequance that is starting with 005 and not 001

005,006,007  and you wan to start from 007 to 005
startFrom:5 // specify the first number in your sequance
currentCursor: 7, // start playing from last image
direction: 1 - go backwards 
maxImages: 3 - how many images you have ?

If you can’t solve it, just contact me via contact form and I will check everything for you.

Looks awesome. Best of luck with sales

thank you