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OK, initial thoughts, it’s great to use and easy to setup, but… I’m having issues with mouseover boxes when viewed on mobile, they run off the screen. Is there a way to ensure content fits within a mobile device screen?
Also, is there a way to dynamically scale map markers on mobile devices so they’re not drawn so big please?
Oh, and is there a way to make map markers animate either regularly of when they detect a pointer within a certain proximity? https://goldguardholdings.com/flowchart/

1. Yes, you can choose to enable the “constrain tooltips” option. The plugin will try to fit the tooltips inside the screen, to the best of its ability. If you have a lot of content that simply can’t fit, you should enable fullscreen tooltips on mobile devices. You can also experiment with custom width of the tooltips, if you feel like some adjustment is necessary.

2. Map markers actually scale up or down, so they always appear about 40 pixels in size. The reason for this is user experience – you don’t want the markers too small on mobile devices so that you can’t touch them, and you don’t want them too big in fullscreen mode, it’s just pointless.

3. There is an idea to add an option for blinking/glowing/bouncing markers. It might be included in the next major release, but I can’t promise – it’s just an idea for now.

Thank you for the feedback, it’s much appreciated, and if you have any issues or questions about the plugin, please visit our support site.