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If I buy the cornerstone version, can I also use it independently without cornerstone on other templates? Thanks!

Answered your other comment.

“The plugin generated 196 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”

This occurred after activating the plugin.


Are you using the X Theme? This plugin is made specifically for it.


yeah I bought this plugin today but seems to work only on default image on the imagepro website plugin. Each time I load my own image I can’t do anything with the plugin. Every shape is deactivated if I use my own image. frustrating at this point.

Answered your support ticket.


Can I use the plugin with WP 4.7?

Yes, you can.

Thanks!! All done!!

Hi, nothing happens when I select a shape and try to add it:( I have deleted and isntalled the plugin twice. Please help.

I have the cornerstone version – Im a bit confuses as it says that it is compatible with wordpress (sorry not sure what cornerstone is!). Anyway – could you please email me the wp version, I have submitted a ticket.

Answered your ticket, sorry for the huge delay! Support times should be back to normal, meaning less than 24 hours delay.

Many thanks – I purchased and downloaded the wordpress version – works like a charm – great work!

Is it possible to upload an SVG icon and then change the color with the color picker?

I see color changes for the icons that come with the plugin, but not a way to change for those we add ourselves.


For the moment the only way to change a custom icon’s color is either with custom CSS (use the browser’s inspector to get the icon’s selector) or by changing the color in illustrator or any other application that can edit SVG.

Ah ok cheers. I was hoping if I put the icons in the same folder as the preloaded ones via FTP there may be a way to make it work.

Thanks for the quick reply…


It’s a fantastic piece of software congrats!

I purchased some time ago but started to use it yesterday and it works perfectly. Recommended!

Quick question: from an image inside a tooltip, when image is a link, is there any way to launch a lightbox with the image?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Unfortunately there is no lightbox functionality in the plugin :(

Thanks for the quick response!

And any chance to use a shortcode somehow? (not sure if this was replied before, sorry)

Yes, shortcodes are supported in the tooltips, but not all shortcodes work because the tooltips aren’t visible on page load. It’s all trial and error, unfortunately.


Subfreq Purchased

Hi Guys,

Great Plugin. I have bought the cornerstone version as I use xtheme so I was wondering if it is possible to make the element full screen or maybe the size of the section whilst still retaining its responsive nature?

I am not handy at javascript so is there a way around this?




By making it “responsive” it will always fill its parent container, so you only need to style that with CSS to be as big as you want. There is no need for JavaScript. Otherwise, the plugin doesn’t have fullscreen capabilities.


Hi, works with new X pro? from X theme?


At this point I recommend getting the regular WP version, it’s more up to date.

The only difference is that you will need to insert the image map with a shortcode, instead of using the cornerstone page builder. Otherwise, the two versions are identical.


hi im wondering which one i should get the jquery version or the cornerstone one? whats the difference. I just need to use this on my wordpress site, also if it easy to implement into wordpress?