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I am guessing that there is browse button to upload photo from your PC to manipulate? Or how do images get on web to change? Just curious :) looks like good script

Hello webguy, this is a class that just manipulate the image (resize, crop and etc.) You must be uploaded the image before using this class. I am glad if you like the script.

wow this is fantasted.

Thank you :)

Ever consider making a Imagick extension to this?

I think this is good idea. I will update the class.

Miidle Right is spelt with only 1 ‘i’ in middle.

Hi, great script but can you make a version with a upload button, is useless if you can only modify only one picture, whats the point.

Where is the upload function for the image ? Where is the save function for the new image ?

This features are very important for me ;o)

Thank you and best regards !!!

Hello, in this archive have not upload script, because this are classes for manipulate images. You can find many examples how to upload photo in codecanyon or google.


I want to place thousands of different watermarks on thousands of different images. Indesign does this from a csv.

Can your script be adapted to read in batch, a list of image1, overlayimage1, folderfinal image name.

In this manner, I could have two folders, and mix and match in a batch manner.



Hi great looking script, can the script be modifed to add text to the image.

Thank you


Hi great looking script, can the script be modifed to add text to the image.

Thank you


Hi great looking script, can the script be modifed to add text to the image.

Thank you


I want to buy the script but can you show me a crop demo for large image, how this will work with large images and responsive images?

Thank you.

Hi -

We need to add watermarks to cutout images in different shapes – all with full transparent backgrounds. We need that transparency to remain so that the watermarked image can be added to an HTML5 canvas for manipulation over other images.

I’ve tried another watermarking script and it replaces the target image transparent background with a solid black color. Can your script do this properly?


Hello again raymagnant, I uploaded new version of the class. Now work with transparent images and also you can create transparent watermark over transparent image.

Hope you will like the script ;)

Is there a way I can see a demo? And is there a way to have this auto-watermark all images put into a directory?

Hello raymagnant, can you check here:

About auto-watermark it will be placed on all images which are generated if you use generateThumbs method. If you have images in some folder you need to write simple script to put watermark over them using our class.

Hey there do you have a demo of the rotation?and a how to when you buy?