Image Loupe Widget for Adobe Muse

Image Loupe Widget for Adobe Muse

The image loupe widget is an interactive way to zoom in on the details of an image on your Adobe Muse website. Simply hover over the image to see a magnified section of the area beneath the cursor. This is great for applying to your photography and design portfolios, ecommerce sites and more!

Key features:

  • Display as a standard image or use inline with wrapped text
  • Can be used in conjunction with standard Muse widgets (Composition Widgets, Tabbed Panels and Accordion Panels, etc.)
  • The size and shape of the loupe can be changed
  • Increase and decrease the amount of zoom
  • Set up multiple instances on the same page

You must have Adobe Muse version 2014.3 or later to use this widget.

Quick start guide:

Widget installation:
Download and unarchive the widget zip file.
Double-click the Image Loupe.mulib file to import it into Muse. Alternatively, you can use the Import button in the Library panel within Muse and browse to the file on your hard drive.

Using the widget:
Go to the Library Panel in Muse.
Open the Image Loupe Widget folder
Click and drag the Image Loupe Base widget onto the design canvas
Click and drag the Image Loupe widget onto the design canvas
Choose your high resolution image
Set the shape and size of the loupe
Position the image frame to the desired place in your design
Preview the design
Optional: Adjust the zoom level
Optional: Set the edge background to repeat or fill with colour

Full Installation and setup information can be found here: