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Looks like it has some work to do. On the single product page , it just opens a larger image. I want to zoom/pan effect in a static inset, like your demo page. Also the structure of the downloaded .zip will not allow admin panel instal. I had to do it manually. Need more options, like what page (s) to appear in.

I will deactivate it for now and tackle it later. I need to launch the site right now.


Please give us your site address so that we can check it for you. Thank you!

Doesn’t seem to work on the single product pages. Site is: Also how would I go about disabling it for the shop page? I only wanted to implement what is shown on demo for the single product pages.

Hi i use your image over plugin…it works very well^^

but there is one thing which could be better…when i have a long category listing…then it takes a lot of time to show all thumbnail images..cause the preview images are downloaded too. Is it possible to set some load priority for the thumbnals images first?

cheers martin

Hello, I’m having issues with this plugin. I see a “Invalid Products” text when I hover a thumbnail in the shop.

I’m using Wordpress 4.0 and woocommerce 2.2.8. Please advise.


Hi! I bought this plugin, but it does not work! What did I do wrong?

Hi, I’d written an eMail to support – but no reaction… I have the same issue – it works on the shop site (overview with some products) – but not on the single product page (where i need it).

Any idea? By the way – it would be nice to switch the effect off on the product list / Category List or Shop Startsite …


You can mail to: We will check it for you. Thank you!

I’ve got the same issue as @freshsmoothie has. No support on product pages… any ideas?


You can mail to: We will check it for you. Thank you!

I had to edit the code to make this plugin work. I had to change the ShowQuickView function in top1e_quickview.s to what you see below.

So it doesn’t work out of the box, and very buggy.

function ShowQuickView(id, thecolor){ var html = jQuery(”#quickview_”id””).html();

jQuery(”#quickview_”+id).parent().css(‘visibility’, ‘hidden’).show();

jQuery(”#quickview_”+id).parent().css(‘display’, ‘block’);

var image_width= (jQuery(”#quickview_”id” .container .images img”).width() * 2);

jQuery(”#quickview_”+id).parent().css(‘visibility’, ‘visible’).hide();

var thewidth = image_width + 25; if (ns6||ie){ if (typeof thewidth!=”undefined”)”px” if (typeof thecolor!=”undefined” && thecolor!=”“) tipobj.innerHTML=html;

enabletip=true return false }


You can mail to: We will check it for you. Thank you!


I just bought the plugin “Image Hover View Woocommerce ”, installed and ‘mode with FTP but unfortunately nothing works.

please help.

thank you.

best regards gabriele hofer

i need to anchor the larger image pop up to the right or left…or at least anchor the middle of the image to the mouse…anchoring the bottom left corner of the image to the mouse makes the pop up image unviewable off screen most of the time…wish id have known that b4 i paid for it.

I can find no way to change this…am i able to change this somehow?

Hi, I have a presales question: Is it possible with your plugin to zoom in all product images in category view by for exapmle 20% as all my images have a ‘white space’ on borders, so if could zoom their view by defulat i would easy get rid of that white space on category pages…You can see an exapmle here: – when you hover mouse over pridct image on homepage or any category page ( not on product page) you can see product image zoom out ( this is real size picture) and when you move your mouse image gets zoomed in and that resolves problem with too much white space in original images.. Thanks in advance!