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Every time I use Image Hover Effects Pro on a page, the color disappears in my header and becomes white, what should I do to fix it?

Hi, Please add this code to your custom css field.

   .header {
     background-color: #454545 !important;

thanks that did the trick, working fine now

Hi, I am trying to delete/save a new image in “Image hover effects” and every time I click “save data” it goes back to what it sued to be and removes all the changes I have made… I tried closing my computing down etc and this didn’t work. How do I fix this.

Regards, Alice

I would like to ‘export’ the Image Hover Effects I created in one site on multiple sites. Is that possible? What is the cost?

Thank you


Tbread Purchased

Hello, I´ve bought this cool plugin, was able to install and activate. I´ve done everything like discribed in the demo. When I copy the shortcode and insert it on a blank page – nothin appears. There might be something I´m doing wrong, but what?


Tbread Purchased

Sorry wrong alarm – I forgot to say if I want to display the size in px or %


Tbread Purchased

Hello, I´ve purchased this amazing plugin. But unfortunateley every time when I chosse square, I can only work with “effect 1” every other effect display´s me the picture as a small bar. Only with effect 1 I can see the whole picture with a hover effect.

Is there something I´m doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for your assistance


Tbread Purchased

Currently the site is in an “under construction” mode. If you send me a mail address or something private, I can provide you a login to be able to have a look at it. Do you need administrative access?


Tbread Purchased

Hello, could you please be so kind and respond to my question? I need to use this awesome plugin


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just a quick one: Is there somewhere an overview which effect is what? It is hard with 40+ effects for trial & error… :) Thanks

Hi, Yes you can see it on live preview.

Hello, thank you for the awesome plugin. My client is using Image hover effects extended. I am having trouble with the order of my images – When I click and drag to re-order, it does not save – I want to put Baker’s Bay Garden III after Baker’s Bay Garden II, but I cannot get my changes to save – Thank you for your help!

Hi, Please contact me via profile.

hi does it woks in woocommerce?

Nice to meet you I am using your Image Hover Pro with WordPress. But when using Effect # 11, There is a white frame in the image, how can I erase it?

Hi, Could you please provide link of page?

I have “Images per row” set to “3” which looks great but is there a way to center the images on the page as currently they are justified to the left? Many thanks.

Please add this custom css{
   margin: 0 auto;

Thank you so much! Perfect! Great plug-in with excellent customer service my friend.

Hello Labibahmed, I’m really enjoying this plug in. Very powerful & user-friendly. Thank you! Question: Can the Caption Heading Background be set to transparent?

Hi, Yes it could be. Could you please provide link of page?

Hello again Labib, can a drop shadow be added to the images via CSS to the same page?

Please leave me an email.


I am encoutering an issue. I try to add a new category, when saving it,it is gone. It seems I can not add new categroies anymore, but i only have 11 created yet and need min. 5 more. Please advise. thx

Any update?

Hi, WHy in the pro version we cannot specify circle’s border width and color?

Hi, I have bouth your image hover plugin, but it doesn’t work – there are no images visible on the page. I set up image, pasted the short code into page – nothing. What do you think is the problem? Let me know if you need access to my site. thanks,

Just an update. It works if I set masonry layour to yes – then the images are visible. When I set to no – nothin visible. I need spaces between images, so I need to have no in masonry setting. What could be wrong? Alternatively – where are setting in css to make spaces in the bottom of the image – bottom margin? I have one column only.

Could you please provide link of page?

Hello, I need to load the images as https, but the plugin is defaulting to http. How do I do this?

Hello, I am currently having a few issues with Image Hover Effects Pro. -I have a category with 24 images, all of which have a squared thumbnail style, 220×220 size and Effect13 effect, but some of them are unexpectedly large when displayed, so the other images are not displayed correctly. -Not all the images of the same category are displayed -When adding more categories and more images, the first images I added get deleted (or the new ones aren’t saved).

I have summarized these issues in the video linked below:

Thank you in advance for your help in solving these issues!

Hi, like plugin a lot and decided to purchase pro version today after playing around with the free one. However, since I installed the pro version, it doesn’t work. Settings I choose do not work and even the image is not showing up. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi, Sorry for getting late in replying you.

Please contact here I want to look into the issue.

Hola, no quiero que haga link a ninguna pàgina, ¿como puedo hacerlo? Gracias. Hello, I do not want to link to any page, how can I do it? Thank you.

In a mobile device, clicking on the image returns to the beginning of the scroll of the page and I do not want it to work like this, what can I do?

Hi, Please leave the link field empty.

Greetings :) If I leave the link box blank, when we click on the image what happens is that the scroll of the page returns to the top, which makes navigation very uncomfortable, how can I avoid? Example:, please try this I tell you on this website but from a mobile device to understand the failure. Thank you

hi I think this is the best plugin for hover effects!! BUT… after i installed the free version on my website, I got a few errors and problems on pingdom speed test: 1. Response Headers 404 it delays the upload time of the page in 1.3 sec 2. image/gif files that are hosted on amazon server? WTF? 3. rel=”” – didn’t get it..

how can you increase the size of the visible area of the caption that appears? For square effect 4 ?

Hi, Please provide link of page.