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I’ve just purchased image hover effects pro (codecanyon-15910791-image-hover-effects-visual-composer-extension-), but all the pro futures stay greyed out!!!??? my purchasedcode =6d4b963c-6279-4ab0-9f7b-d71f1998adba

thnxs Rick…


Yes I have,

I’ve only installed now “Image Hover Effects Visual Composer Extension”.... from the link provided.

I get this message at the top of the plugin page!!! “Image Hover Effects Visual Composer Extension requires Visual Composer plugin to be installed and activated on your site.”

grtz Rick

Now i don’t have acces at all. there is no Image hover effect page to configure or make hovereffects….

Hi there,

Thanks very much, this extension has been a great help!

I’m working on a site (isportsagency.com) but I’m facing a few issues with the extension.

1. For some reason it doesn’t seem to be responsive (the text looks smaller than it should be & the square boxes are not aligned properly).

2. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to align to the right rather than being perfectly centred.

3. Lastly, I wanted to ask if you knew whether my boxes could have a different border before hovering on the square? At the moment it’s teal but I wanted a wider white border before someone hovers etc.

I appreciate you taking the time out to respond to my enquiry :)

Hi there,

I recently bought your plugin which is working great but I just have a couple of issues, for which I would be grateful if you could help me with -

1. When you hover over the circle whilst on my iPhone, it ‘clicks’ through and resets the home-page. Also the same when I view it on my laptop, if I click on the circle, it resets the page. Is there anyway of disabling the click/link through?

2. With regards to circle effect 5, is there a way you can slow down the animation?

Thanks for your help and my client loves the effects by the way :)

Cheers Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for appreciation.

Please contact me here https://webdevocean.com/contact-us/


Jeveons Purchased

Hello, I have just purchased this plug in and installed it in my them which is Optimizer Pro. There is a problem with the images changing shape and size when viewed on a tablet especially. Changing orientation on the tablet makes the images look awful. Can you advise what the problem might be? Thanks Steve


Jeveons Purchased

I have tried that and it hasn’t worked i’m afraid


Jeveons Purchased

Any other ideas?

Hi, I have a presales question. After mousing over the thumbnail to reveal text, can the user click the text area and have it zoom the thumbnail using prettyphoto or similar, without having to manually create image links and a button etc?

Also, what if I need to have a lot of text on mouseover, say 300 words, can there be a scrollbar at the side to allow the user to read all the text?

Yes this is all is possible but it will need to be customized.


Envato send me to you because i have buy license + install but dont work with divi… Canyou help me please?


Pascal (pascal@logonettes.fr)

Hi, How it is not working with your theme?

Please contact me via my codecanyon profile with details.

Hi, plugin in square version is not working corectly in responzive layouts. Do you have any tips how I can fix it?


Yes, I bought it yesterday.

But I am getting this message that you have not purchased the plugin. https://s11.postimg.org/956ip5xoz/item-not-purchased-note.png

Could you please contact me via profile you purchased the plugin?

Ou, I bought from MMP spol. s. r. o profil, which manages my colleague. When she is in the office I’ll message for you.

Hi, I’m here. Can we continue our comunnication about not working responsive? (cubetocube)

Please set width and height to 100%

Ouu, nice. You saved my day! Thx

Hi i just got this pro plugin and am trying to design it like i want it. However as you can see here: http://websitejanitor.dk/ when you hover the image there is a light blue border around the text-box. Why is that and how do I remove it?

Hi, I can’t see any border. Could you please show it via screenshot?

hi, I have a problem with the plugin: it is perfect in my website in the desktop view, but it stretches the pictures in the smartphone view. Is this plugin responsive? thank you, Mattia.

The version in my download is 1.1

Please contact me via envato profile. I will provide you latest version via email

Hi, i tried to write you via envato profile, you can send me the lastest version to mattia.m@hotmail.it, thank you!

H. I am having same problem as all other users. Images are squashed horizontally on Mobile. Example page:


I have set image dimensions to H100% & W100% in VC


I am working with this issue and release new version with in a couple of days.

Hey. Good job on this plugin. Please can you tell me if i can put the headline on the middle of the page? (centered) And also can i slow down the animation? i use number 18. tnx


Could you please provide me link of page?

Its ok… i put the title instead of description. TNX

I installed the recent update to 1.1, and every image using IHE was distorted. Most were scaled horizontally, and one was scaled vertically. I tested by creating a new image box and re-creating one of the old ones on the page, and the problem persisted. I’ve deleted the update and re-installed the old plugin, and all is back to normal.

Using the most recent version of Wordpress and The Fox theme, in case that’s helpful.

I have the same problem as user “marvardi” had – version from Codecanyon is 1.1 (I was previously at 1.2!) will email you through envato to get correct version


nivmas Purchased

Hi. I have a problem with the plugin.

1. The TITLE is not centered. Its too high. 2. When the screen goes small, it does not respond! The black box doesn’t stay in place. PLUS the title and caption runs!

How can you help to solve this?

I am trying to change the Description color but whatever I change to it’s still white. Could you let me know if I am doing something wrong or some issue with your plugin.

Hi, Could you please provide me link of page?

Images are not properly resizing as browser width changes. They resize when the width of browser reaches certain points but doesnt resize fluidly which is causing overlap of 2 images that are side by side. Any thoughts on why this is happening?