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thedac Purchased

I have an issue I need the images to be automatically scalable I have a grid system with 4×3 images all with links to corresponding pages. I am using square images 500 X 500px setting the height & width to 100% but I’m seeing the image full height but cut width wise


thedac Purchased

Ok Ive droped you an email yesterday with no reply. I suspect its something simple that I’m doing wrong but could do with some clarification


thedac Purchased

Im further ahead then i was with it . at the moment i see that the images are set to fill I need them to be contained also i am unable to remove the white space at the bottom of the images when in mobile view

I just purchased Image Hover Effects PRO because the free version promises that the PRO version allows for “Caption Background Type (PRO Feature)” so that I can have the caption background a separate image.

After purchasing the pro version, this option is not available.

The appearance I am looking for is the images to switch during the hover effect.

Please advise.

The PRO version does not offer this feature.

Also, this feature is disabled on the free version apparently because this is a PRO feature.

Could you please contact me via my codecanyon profile.

The plugin is not responsive on firefox, edge, or IE10 and 11. It only responds well in Chrome(tested latest version of chrome.). Can you please help? Maybe there is a setting im missing or something but it just doesn’t work properly outside of chrome.

website is spruceupsoapco.com

I can’t see the usage of plugin on the above URL.

Hi, I am currently having a problem with the responsiveness. I have five images in a row on the desktop view and it works perfectly fine. When I view the page in any other view, the images stack on top of each other. I know I could reduce the amount of images per row, but my client specifically wants 5 images in the row, so I’m in a jam. Please contact me as soon as possible, thanks!

Hi, Could you please provide me link of page?

I don’t have the intended images uploaded onto the page. It’s a live website that I maintain for a client. Is there any way of working around that?

You can create any test page and send me link of that page.


Is it possible to change the size of the image without changing the size of the circle/overlay? I am using custom icons as the image and would like to make them smaller without making the entire circle smaller. URL to my test page: http://490.572.myftpupload.com/test-page/

thank you


Yes it’s possible. Please contact me here https://webdevocean.com/contact-us/

How long can the caption be? We are looking to have a hover-over image that shows quite a bit of text about that person – perhaps expanding to show the whole text. Does this plugin have a limit to the amount of words? Or maybe a scrolling option for the hover text if the text goes beyond the size of the image? Thanks


Please contact me here http://webdevocean.com/contact-us/. I will customize it for you.

Just purchased plugin, installed it but only “free” version features are available. Did I do something wrong? No mention of license in documentation. How do I enter licence to activate pro features.


Hi, Please contact me via email.


ctietz Purchased

Hello I’m attempting to use the Square effect #3 from the demo. Like how the verbiage and heading only takes up to about 20% of the image. When I use effect 3 on my website it takes up the whole photo. So how do I get it like the demo then? www.identiti.net, if you need to see what I’m talking about

The Hover images are not shrinking proportionately when view on a phone



Please provide link of page.

This is the site with the your hover that is not responsive https://celcor.wpengine.com

This page has what I’m trying to recreate https://www.angleboard.com/


Luligm Purchased

How can I remove a shadow from the image, Im using square setting

Hi, Could you please provide me link of page?

I just purchased this extension. I want to use the square styles 4, 5, and 6 as shown on the live demo at Image Hover Effects – VC Extension Demo. I have tried all 20 effect options and I cannot find these specific styles. I cannot find any documentation. Can you please tell how to activate these styles. Thank you.

Please check all styles here http://gudh.github.io/ihover/dist/

Dear Author,

I would like to know how does this tile animation works on smartphones. I would chose square 6/1.

I would like to know what happens if I see these tiles on mobile? 1) with scrolling the text appears automatically? 2) or if I tap it once the text appears and I have to tap it again to open the subpage under the tile? 3) or how?

Regards, Gabor

I just purchased plugin: 1cbeb195-9946-4a61-a895-94a413cc3e39

but some of the effect are not working. Nothing happens on hover and many are the same effect. I am not getting the same selection as shown here: http://demo.webdevocean.com/image-hover-effects-vc-extension-demo/

Also, I have the VC free version AND the purchased extension both ACTIVE . Is this correct? and necessary?

Could you please provide me link of page?

Hi there. Can you please let me know how I can get a website link to open in a new window for images that are in a hover effect gallery? the link feature is working but it opens in the same window. This is for a website design gallery so I would like each website example to open in a new window. thanks heaps


Could you please provide me link of page where you are using hover effects?



gma21 Purchased

I just bought this and its not working I am using 4.12 of VC and I bought this to use the HTML capability so that i can have a few links on hover by the user, the regular function doesnt work either, I checked and ther are no javascript errors or CSS errors on my theme when I tried to load this

Hi there, I just bought your plugin and it’s not working… See empty space: http://premiumbymasifill.com/home-3/ My current wp version is 4.8.2.



Hi Dani, Please try by giving height value in px. For testing set it to 420px

Hi, I just purchased pro but cannot center text, can you explain how?

Hi, Please add this code to custom css area
   .info-back p {
      margin-top: 25px; 

That didnt do anything

Hi, is there any way to have the TEXT over the image by default, instead of having to hover over the image?



Hi, Yes it’s possible. Do you want something like this present on style 5 http://thecodude.com/demo/codecanyon/image-hover/