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Thanks a lot ;)

very good job ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks a lot Dear Eric ;)

This doesn’t do what I hoped it would. I guess there’s no chance of getting a refund…

What do you want? Why do you want refund? Best Regards

Sorry for being negative. The problem is my inability to recognise the default settings of plugins prior to purchase and my lack of coding skills to amend them. What I really want is to be able to have a title on the top layer, and the description underneath. Also more control over typography settings (especially line spacing) would be great. Besides this, I can’t drop them into inner rows or inner columns, presumably because of their style settings. It’s just the wrong solution for my problem, which is to have expandable text floating on top of a background image. Hope you can give advice. Thanks & best regards

i think it’s better to refund, because i don’t understand anything from your description ;) Best Regards

Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks a lot dear beeteam368 ;)
Our pleasure that you see our plugins.
Warm Regards

I have this messange after using this plug in.

Warning: str_split() [function.str-split]: The length of each segment must be greater than zero in /www/designanche_com/wp-content/plugins/iThemeland-Image-Hover-Effect-For-VC/class/it_hover_effect.php on line 1030

can you tell me what is going on?

You’r welcome dear denote
Don’t forget rate us 5 star ;)

I gave 5 star :) however image link is not working?? this is a page link, could you tell me what is happening?

Thanks for rating
Change your css to:
.it-col > div > p:first-child {<
display: none;
add ”:first-child” As i see you add above CSS to 3 files. Please change on all files.
Kind Regards

Hello, - You can display the default text on the mage? (Not to make hover) Thanks in advance

Sorry, it’s not possible right now.
King Regards

I echo tavlucas – would be good to have option of text visible first then disappear on hover

Thanks a lot.
We try to add this on next updates.
Best Regards

I have been trying to get a hover tool that will allow me to add images on the full large size image. If you look at this page:

I am trying to add a hover image over the full space of the image for the product details in the grid. This means a hover on the images like the ones with the name “Grounded” – I Belong….

Will your tool let me add this to this image at the size it is currently showing?

I have another hover tool that is only for thumbnail images which is not useful now. If your’s would work for the full size of the image that would make your tool worth purchasing.

Also is this responsive?


Our plugin work with all sizes defined WP size(thumbnail, medium & full) also we define 3 new size to use on plugin.

also our plugin is responsive.

Best Regards


Does the add-on do the following: I want to have 5 images in a row and when the user Hovers an Image, to show a List of “Linkable Text Options”. Like this demo image:

Thank you for your help


No, our plugin don’t support this.

Hi, does the pro version has a feature to make the text visible first?

Its not possible right now

Excellent plugin, it would be great to have the ability to control the transparency of the colour overlay and also to set another image as the mouse over in a future update. Very happy :)

when you set overlay color you can set opacity too.

this just dulls the colour, it doesn’t make it transparent.

When you set color, under color panel is Alpha. It’s opacity of your color.

Hi There,

I have a question about your plugin. Is it possible to have an image and as a hover another image?

I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Kind regards, Karlyn

Sorry, our plugin just show color on hover. this is a good idea and we try to ad this on next updates.

ahh too bad!

So sorry dear krinnn23

does this plugin allow the photo to show on hover with text over it or does it only allow text on the hover.

Just show text on hover.

Hello i’m little disappointed, i’ve just bought your plugin, but it seems like the colors i choose in the parameters just doesnt change…

I put for example red in background color, but it stay white. And strangely if i put another animation effect it put a blue hove background color… if can help me on that thanks


Please send your issue to



BBMD Purchased


Great plugin!

When adjusting the Alpha slider on the overlay color, it changes the tint value, but doesn’t change the opacity. It looks like the image goes away when you hover.

Is there a way to custom code the opacity in?



BBMD Purchased

Sorry, forgot to mention it’s for the fade effect. :)

Thanks a lot dear BBMD
I don’t understand your issue.
Please send it with screenshot to

am i able to add a overlay to the image like this with text using this addon newsroom private training

No, you can’t with this plugin.

Hello, I’m interest on your plugin, but can you please let me know possible to make this image hover effect? below is the example. 1. full width image 2. before hover : dark with low opacity after hover : clear image 3. text align in the center 4. effect: slowly fade to clear image

Additional question: Can do it like before hover is image A, then after hover is image B?

Please let me know, so i can purchase from you :)


Regards, CM.

Our plugin don’t have this effect exactly but some effects are a few similar with your request.

Also just one image can show on a effect hover not image A and B.

Hello, can I know 1, 2, 3, 4 which requirement cannot ?


URGENT: Can you let me know how does the plugin works for mobile. At the moment the hover effect i snot working on mobile. Thanks!


Replied via email.