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Still waiting for a fix.

Sorry about that, was out of internet range :)

Replied VIA email.

I am still waiting on a fix for this. Do you offer a package for purchasers who don’t use the standard average hosting. As not having a ordinary “public_html”?

Still waiting on a reply to my previous email.

I did a quick look and it looks like an email was skipped on August 20th.

The last part being: “If you would like me to I can take a look at your configuration for you (logging into cpanel or the installation).”

Would you be ok with that?

Unfortunately not, as this is not my server. It belongs to the customer who has asked me to purchase your script and get it working for them.

I can provide you with all types of information and specs as needed, any way of getting past comments/emails, and getting a live support?

Is there any way to get it to do yousite.com/image.jpg instead of all the folders it redirects to? This is pointless for me if it cant do that as the links are way too long and I just purchased this.

I am sure with some routing of the .htaccess file / mod-rewrite you could send it directly to an image.

Currently the only shortcut is the “view” key, example:


If you look in the backend you will see that redirects to something like:


short question before buy: what is features for register users? and it seems like the demo register didnt work

Currently the only feature is the image goes under their account so they can retain the link / delete feature.

Wow it requires 777 permissions… can’t do that on my server so the script won’t work at all.

Does it still require 777 permissions ?

Does the account feature work?

It requires 777 to setup, then you can trim it down. If you are looking for a script that does not require 777, then this one is not for you as it has to write images on to the server.

I just purchased this script and uploaded it to my server as detailed in the instructions. I have also CHMODed everything correctly. I go to my site to install the script and am presented with Step 1 of the Seagul install: User Agreement. I select Yes and click the next button but all that happens is it returns me to the User agreement page (Step 1) again. No errors that I can see. I have tried in Chrome and in Firefox and get the same issue. Can you please help me get this working? Thanks Jason

Still waiting for a response. Thanks

Can you send me an email and we will trouble shoot it through there? Just send one through my profile.

help mee please cannot connect to the db, please check all credentials

Send it via my profile (so it goes to my email).

send mail now

help mee i send email for you

help please?