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Is it CMS plugin, can I install it in CMS?

No, it is not a CMS plugin and you can not install it via CMS installer. But web developer can implement it in the code of CMS.

Can it work with back-end frameworks?

It can work with any PHP frameworks that support the same PHP version as class. It will not work with none PHP frameworks.

Can it work with front-end frameworks?

PHP class does not communicate with front-end, that will allow you to use it with any front-end software via AJAX, WebSocket or simple HTTP requests. Demo editor already written on jQuery, you have technical opportunity to implement additional front-end frameworks, but it may not be the best practice.

Can I install editor by myself?

To install editor you will need a web developer with moderate knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery. There is no quick installation because it is a demo version and has not been developed for any specific platform.

How big and how many images it can take?

Amount and size of your images are limited by your server.

Can it work on older PHP versions?

It may work, some functions may throw errors which can be fixed by PHP developer. Older version you take more errors you will get. Old, not popular versions, are not officially supported.

Can it work in Internet Explorer browser?

PHP Class is not interacting with front-end so it is not relevant when you using class alone. Demo editor may work in IE, but some functions can my not be working properly. You can open demo version in IE and check how is it fit for your requirements. Older version you take more errors you will get. Front-end developer may fix or add additional functionality for older browsers. IE development is officially closed by Microsoft, you can find additional information on the Microsoft website. Please consider using IE replacement – Edge or alternative browsers.

Why the editor have a delay in rendering?

Because it is sending AJAX request for the server to render the image and downloading result.

What is the minimum to receive a gift?

I will be grateful for any experience that will allow me to understand your needs or improve this item.

What if I will need installation help?

Please write me if you will.

What if I will need modifications?

Please write me if you will.

How big a possibility to order additional functionally in the next update?

If functionality you requested is not unique for your website and following base item goal then I will be happy to implement it and will be grateful for a good idea.

Can I receive support in real time?

I can not guaranty that, but I can tell that is my priority for you to be happy with my item. You can contact me in Telegram chat, that will allow as to communicate and make calls instantly.

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