Image Handler

Image Handler

Image Handler – class which makes working with images easier. It can crop and resize image, place watermark and use cache system to optimize speed. It can handle unlimited number of images in a single iteration. Easy modify class with comments and documentation. Has logging system for recording events or debugging. Compatible with any php framework, can be used in any php system. Demo version included, it has comments and documents to.


  • Cropping
    You can easy crop and resize image to any dimension you need. Original uploaded image will be stored untouched so you always can manipulate with output as you wont.
  • Auto-caching
    Class will automatically creates cache from processed images, so you system will be work fast and will not be wasting time processing image again in each output request.
  • Watermark
    You can place watermark image above the main image. Define size and position by your self. Again, original is saved so you can create any combinations you need.
  • Multiple Images
    You can process unlimited amount of images in a single request, as much as your server capable to handle.
  • Compatibility
    As any PHP class, this one is compatible with any PHP system as well. You can connect it to any framework, configure following documentation and start to use.
  • Logging
    To help you monitor images actions or debug code Image Handler have logging system that will write down current events.
  • Managing
    Also you have bunch of functions that allowing you to easily manage cache and log mechanisms.
  • Easy modify
    Class have good comments and logic structure, short notice and contacts. This will allow your programmer easy to modify functionality. Please, fill free to mail me.


  • PHP 5.5 or Higher.
  • It is processing only PNG and JPEG formats.
  • PHP modules for acting with images and files.
  • It will handle so many files, in a single iteration, as your server can. It is not depend from script.

  • 1.0 (04-19-2016)
    1. Initial Release
  • 1.1 (04-20-2016)
    1. Fixed bug in images storage table building function.
    2. Fixed bug in cache images table building function.
    3. Add copyright and contacts to class comments.
    4. Add impotent notices to documentation.
  • 1.2 (11-12-2016)
    1. Changed class initialization method.
    2. Fixed caching file names bug.
    3. Fixed empty cache message bug.
    4. Fixed png file watermark bug.
    5. Other internal changes.
    6. Added option to output link to image.
    7. Added option to set class for output tables and lists.
    8. Now minimum php version 5.5.
    9. Updated demo version template.
    10. Updated support documentation.

Link to music in demo video