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Is this extension works on latest version of Magento? I’m interested of buying this extension but in the Demo it only works on single product? can you update other products for us to see if this extension really works?


It will work on 1.9

Hello thanks for the reply, how about the demo is there a change you can add more for us to make sure it really works?

fine I will add demo to more products. You can see after 24 hours.

here do you find the key? to enable the plugin

HI, this extension don’t required any key yet i request you to contact us on Magento@xhtmljunkie.com. with your magento setup details so we help you to install the extension on your site.

Hi, Demo seems not to be working!

Pls try now. we made all our demo working..

How to get Development and Production Keys?

Hi, i’m waiting for your update.

License Key for production : 6574a123faaa08404e9af8408ec122ba8e972232 License Key for development : 9737bb0ace4b894f815ee3352f1a0bd258784405

I prefer use the number in the sort_order column for upload the back image. Basically for the second image always be the back image. This is possible?

Yes second Image will be the back image and this is a default functionality of our extension.

But for this is required choose the flipper image, right? I want to know how can do for the flipper imagen will be the 2 image of sort_order column by default (without have to select the flipper image manually in each product. Its possible?

No we can not set the second image in the sort order as a flipper image. We need to select the radio button to do this.


Catalog -> Manage Products -> Select a product -> Images -> you can see a flipper image option.

Is not working here either. I’ve sent you en email!

Please let me know what issues you are facing. So we will assist to you accordingly. Thanks.

After installing the plugin does not seem to respond. Call me on skype liekens_pj? or respond to the email i’ve sent: info@othellokleding.be

Okay don’t worry. Our team member add you in Skype and resolve the problem. His name Mayur. Thanks,

hi, after installing the product i used the code i received as license code and this cause my store to be disabled, it gave me an error when accessing any of the categories, i had to disable it again, appreciated your immediate support

send me a screen shot by email how to issue this claim, i cannot find it here

We have refund it. DId you get it?

You need to check with codecanyon support team. Once we will receive refund request from theirs. We can process for the same. Thanks,


fixitpcs Purchased

Hello We’ve purchase this extension through envato market today but we didn’t get our License Key (Production)* where we can get one?

We have given via email yesterday, Thanks