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I purchased the plugin and activated it successfully, however I don’t see any premium settings (no setting to compress images for instance). How can I fix this? (don’t ask me for credentials as that’s not an option in my case)

Will update my review if I receive support.


Thank you for purchasing.

Sorry to hear that you faced the issue. Please check out this image to find the button to invoke premium features:


Thanks for pointing that out! Updating to 5*, thanks for the great plugin

does it support pasting multiple images at same time?

Hi! stopped working in WordPress 5.0


Thank you for pointing it.
We will investigate this issue shortly.


The main intention of purchasing the premium version of the plugin was to rename the file. This is very buggy currently. Not sure if its because of the Wordpress 5 update. Can you confirm if this is a general issue currently being worked on? Is there an ETA for fixing it?

I have emailed you several times but have not received any meaningful support yet. (Ticket #20491)

Hello and welcome back from your adventures with the aliens. Any thoughts of having a video elevator Orrrrr perhaps you develop a Media Elevator whereby someone can easily copy and paste not just image but audio and video to wordpress? Think about it.

Oh! By the way, is this plugin a hotlink plugin?


We have not yet thought about that. But will take it into account. :)

No, it’s not a hotlink plugin. The image is copied fully not just as a link.


Thank you for your response and consideration.

Very interested in the premium version of this plugin. Can the developer please respond to this and say if the plugin will be updated and continue working?

I just chatted with the developer briefly and this plugin has been updated for Wordpress 5.0+. He also stated that he is actively maintaining this plugin into the future. I just bought with confidence. Thanks, Paul!

Thank you for your comment here. You’re very welcome!


My pleasure… thanks, again for your help.


When a new version full compatible with wordpress 5.1?


I’ve experience the same thing as 3dgopnik below. Wordpress has attempted to copy the functionality of Image Elevator and overrides it in the process with WordPress’s own (vastly inferior) pasted images functionality which merely links to the source file on the web rather than uploads the image.

I will investigate a way to disable this in WP. If I find a solution, I’ll post it here.

I stand corrected, it works fine. You just gotta delete the “top” image. The one WP pastes in shows up ABOVE the superior ImageElevator-inserted one. It’s still working in WP 5.1.1, just with one additional irritating step.

Clicking on “Paste as Text” in TinyMCE before pasting the image also works. Officially resolved.


tsopic Purchased

Not working anymore!


Sorry to hear that you faced the issue. Please clarify that version of the plugin and Wordpress do you use? We will check it.



tsopic Purchased

Plugin 2.6.2 and Wordpress 5.2.2–en_GB

Hi there,

I purchased the plugin and tried to apply the licence key but it doesn’t work. I’m getting: “The request has been rejected by the Licensing Server”.

Please assist. Thank you.

Best, Brando

Kind reminder.


Sorry for the delay. We have been fixing this issue. Please try again. Now everything has to work fine.


Is this item still alive? The support ticket was ignored for months….

This plugin has conflicts with GravityForms and GravityFlow, the MCE editor pastiing function is disabled with ImageElevator activated.

Hello? Anyone still working?


dargelm Purchased

I opened a ticket because installation on WordPress 5.3 fails:

Unpacking the package …

The plugin will be installed …

The package could not be installed. No functional plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

I’ve opened a ticket to reset the domain but no response…

Hi there,

The plugin works fine and I have one question.

Could you please instruct me on how/where to integrate it with some other WYSIWYG editors from other plugins? For example, I want to use this in other forms, like this one >

So, ideally, your plugin and its icon needs to show somewhere here, so I guess that is possible so it just needs to add some code to this plugin’s form…? Please assist.

Thank you.

Best, Brando

Hi Brando,

I will be glad to assist you.

Can you please clarify where the form you shown on the screenshot is located? Is this the standard WP editor? What version of Wordpress do you use?


Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply. It is part of another plugin (Frontend Publishing Pro) and I believe it is the standard WP editor. I have WP version 5.3.2 at the moment. Hope that helps.

Best, Brando

Great plugin idea. Have you ever thought about making it accessible through the front end? I was looking for a way to paste to a form (Gravity Forms etc) to replicate the functionality that has. So that users could upload their pictures and create a post on the front end. Do you think it’s possible?


gimefree Purchased

Could you please help reset my license? I change the domain and can’t active the plugin with purchase code now.