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Hi, im all new to ios development, i was just wondering about the filters… Im not sure how it would work, if i would like to add my own filter i made as psd. do i convert it into a code applicable for the app or just add it as psd file?

Hi, adding completely new filters isn’t trivial. Simply creating a psd doesn’t do the trick here. If you need help there, please feel free to contact me via email. However, adding new icons, emojis, etc. is quite easy! :-)

Hi, i need to make a fake magazine cover app. Can i use stickers as custom overlays?

I don’t quite get what your asking here. Would you mind explaining this a bit?

is this code ios 9 compatible? thanks

Yes :-) In case you encounter any issues, let me know and I’ll fix them!

Hi, I purchased this item… can you please provide PSD files for icons to modify..

Icons are under copyright, so you simply need to create a new one.

Does this support Xcode 8 and iOS 10?

Not officially yet. Shouldn’t have any problem though until the update is out.

Are you available to make the changes and reskin the code based on my need?

Unfortunately not at this moment, no.

can you please make an android version for this app?

Hi Joseph,

I will discuss this with my partner and get back to you asap.



HI GUYS, have frames ? thank you.

Hi! What do you mean by frames? The app has some basic framings you can put around a picture, yes (if that is what you mean). :-)

Crashing While Using Camera and Photo gallery while using on iOS11 Latest!!!


What is “latest”? iOS 11.0.2 or iOS 11.1? What device are you running the project on? Can you send me the crashlog?

As always, if reporting bugs, please include some more infos so that I can fix it ASAP.

Best, Eric

I Fixed that issue with it .. Now it works :)


Can Somebody Tell me how to Hide some of the Tools ?? Because Seller provides Zero support … Please need help!


I told you via email that I will answer you asap with a complete method on how to hide certain tools. I simply haven’t got the time to write it yet. Will probably do it later this day.

Best, Eric

I am still waiting !!!


I wrote you (!!!)

Best, Eric