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I’m sorry but this is not 100% responsive: this is neither responsive ?¿?

Hi tavolucas,

We have an option in the admin panel for setting responsiveness for each block. We have set it on the page http://worldeschool.in/wp-image-descriptor/education/


I wonder, why the cursor supposes a link, when hovering an icon, as nothing happens, at least in the demo.

Thanks again, I will surely purchase soon!

Thanks and if we are able to make our customers satisfied then the job in done.

Hi as already mentioned the responsiveness does not work very well. Even on your education demo.

Hi matteclipse,

Responsiveness is based on actual devices and not browser resizing. I wanted to know how did you test responsiveness.

so that i can correct if there is any issue.


Hi, great plugin. I like it a lot.

Once the project is saved, and it is in responsive showing on desktop, the markers are not aligned properly. re saving without responsive and the markers are in the correct place. There seems to be an issue whenever responsive is active when viewing on desktop.

If you only detect the mobile device, then this isn’t truly responsive because responsive adjusts with browser as well. I don’t use full size browsers due to my work, so if someone isn’t using their browser full screen, things do not line up correctly.

Are you planning on making adjustments to the code to allow responsive with the browser?

Thanks, Great start.. Keep up the good work.:)

That would be great. I will be looking forward to it.

Still looking forward to it.

WOW… I guess I am the only one still interested in this project. That seems to be even above the author. Promised updates never happened and the author stopped responding. Too bad.

Hi i have a issue, I have used this plugin on a page and the connectors are breaking can you help please



Hi digitalmountain,

We are looking into this issue and can we have your admin details at my email, so that we can have a perfect and exact solution for the issue. Seems there is some conflict with the theme css.


sure I will dm you

Hi digitalmountain,

We have resolved the issue. :)


I checked your demo on the iPad now and there are no connector lines shown. In addition touching the hotspots makes the labels appear in random places, sometimes even on the main menu. I like the view on desktop, but need it to work on mobile devices as well, in order to purchase.

Regards, Bernhard

Hi Bernhard,

We have been working on the issues and feedback given by the users.

For touch devices(small screen devices) there will not be any connectors, on tapping the hotspot only popup will appear.

Sure we will optimize it for tablets and now there will be connectors.

For mobile devices it would be better we don’t have any connectors due to small screens. Need your view on mobile devices.

We will have make the product as our viewers want.


Thanks for your reply. Will keep this on my watch list and follow future development.

I like this plugin and i found it very usefull. But if i write in the content or in title area with greek characters (at least one) the plugin does not save the settings. When i come back everything dissapearing and i can see only the image. No the symbols and the content settings. Any help?

Yes you can use html in content area

We are going through the special character issue. Can you send some example.

Awesome Plugin!! I will purchase it for sure as it seems to be exactly what I need.

One quick pre-purchase question: Does it work in Hero Sliders? I will prepare a new website and, in order to avoid infinite and boring blocks of text, I rather put image sliders with hotspots… Would this work?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Nice work on the plugin. I got most parts working but some things I can’t get setup. Things that don’t work currently are the icons and the wave. Check this page for an example: http://innobeacon.staging.wpengine.com/store-map/

Can you help me resolve this?


I need a refund.

Nothing is working fine as you claim.

1. It is not responsive at all. 2. connectors breaking & alignment issue 3. Fonts comes out of the box

I will appreciate if you can refund my money .

I find it amusing that Envato says this plugin is supported by the author, but the author never followed through with what they promised over a year ago. And there have been no updates since over a year and a half ago.

Why doesn’t Envato remove this plugin? The author supposedly said they support it, yet the author hasn’t responded to any issues in a year. Isn’t that a violation of the promise of support? At what point does Envato look out after the purchaser?

Your responses to me a year ago:

“Hi CentralGeek,

Thanks for purchasing the plugin and your suggestions.

We have made this plugin taking into consideration its usage in different domains and introduced the connector concept with popups and live preview builder to make things simple and fast.

We are working on the issues and will resolve the issues.



I am sorry for the issues.

I have learned AngularJS with Canvas and SVG. I promise to redevelop this plugin again, taking into consideration all the issues.

I just got involved in Angular JS for some time.


Since those responses you have done nothing. That was over a year ago. In fact, the last update was in April of 2014.

Please follow through with what you promised to do with this plugin. That’s all I and others have asked for really.

Please go back over the comments here. You have plenty of examples of promises to fix the various issues reported. Please do so.

Hello?? Where did you go again

This plugin needs to be removed. It is full of issues and the developer has not followed through with the promises to fix it.

Even when they did come back and asked me to put the issues here, they no longer answered, even when they said they would.

Hi, I have a problem with puting links into popup content area. You can see it here http://umed.pl/ciitt/przewodnik-test-1/ on first marker.

Thank You

your demo is down