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Awesome work! Keep going! :)

Thank you :)

Great script. Thank you. I sent you an email with a couple fix requests.

I received your email and answered your questions. If you have other questions just tell me

Hi, we are trying to use the touch functionality. But it does’nt work. Is there any code or flag to use your product with firefox,chrome under ios or Android? Thank you Didier

Not at the moment, but I’m working on it and as soon as possible I will post an update

The update is now available, thanks for your patience

it is possible after crop the image and add watermark in image

hi than Now it is possible after crop the image and add watermark in image

I haven’t implemented this function, I’m sorry. I can warn you when this is implemented if you want to. I think I can implement this month, again sorry for the delay.

I added the function to add watermark, sorry for the delay

Couple of questions, would it be possible to force the crop when “get Image” is clicked? I like the looks of this plugin, but I’d like to use a limited model where the only available option is “Open Image”, and the crop and watermark will be automatic.

Also after the image is processed, can it be used as an OG image for a facebook share? Or would it have to be saved on the site first? (If so, can it be?)

Yes, you can crop the image by just clicking “get Image” if you wish. If you want to share the cropped image you must first upload to your server, in the documentation I added an example of how to upload in PHP.

This is very nice! My current project requires Unobtrusive Javascript to be disabled. Will this work?

This has not yet been tested, but the code is unobtrusive.

Is it possible to allow the the crop area to be dynamic – adjusted by the user – rather than a pre-defined fixed size?

Not for now. This plugin was created precisely to keep cropped images with predefined dimensions.

I am trying to install the plugin but not working please help or send some example file

Its working almost but please let me know, from where i can change the Quality of picture or compression before upload, I have uploaded the picture of 177 Kb but after cropping it will change size to 234Kb, please provide the essential details

The size of the image is defined by the dimensions used to resize or crop. The extension of the generated image also influences the file size, use the attribute data-ext=”jpg” to generate smaller files.


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How can I rotate images? I have pictures in portrait and landscape format. Portrait pictures are always automatically rotated to landscape =(


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Ok! First of all, I’m trying to resolve the upload issue. I have a php file named picture-resize.php with the following code: <form action=”auto_upload.php” method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data” name=”picture”> <input type=”file”/> <input type=”submit”/> The file “auto_upload.php” complies with the demo, however I’m getting the error: Trying to get property of non-object in [...]. What is wrong?

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Second: When you load a picture in portrait format, it is loaded to look like a landscape image.Would not it be possible to keep it in the source orientation of the image?

To use automatic upload it is not necessary to use a form, you must maintain the same structure present in the documentation. About the image, please send me an image that is generating this error, my email is in the documentation.

I have question about auto uploads. I am using Codeigniter and implement the html part in the view by change data-upload=”{Controller/function}” and insert the code from the document in this function but nothing happen after I save the image, no error shown, no image upload, any solution?

Probably the path in the “data-upload” parameter is incorrect, if your controller is inside a folder you will need to add the folder name too. If you send me your code I can help you solve this problem. My email is in the documentation.

Hello. Is there any sample working on a sample website? We need to crop an image and upload a specific watermark (png file) to it. Any sample? Please let me know

Is that the only sample? I can´t upload a PNG file that I need to place as a watermark…can I ?

We need to place the watermark with a function of drag/drop.. like this:


Is it possible with your code?

Yes, this is the only sample available. With this plugin you can not set the position of the watermark using drag and drop, you will need to specify where it should be before cropping the image.

is it possible to make comment together before image upload??

Could you explain better how it should work?

because i dont find the input textbox form demo, so is it possible to group together the description for the photo where user input and the photo upload to server(php) ?

Yes, you can do this, you can use this plugin in a form and send the input data and the image in the same submit or add the input text using the automatic upload intercepting the before upload event as explained in the demo

Hi, Is possible the upload of the image be done in a product page and after that send to the shopping cart?

Yes, it is possible

And is possible integrated with wordpress?

Not tested with WordPress, but will require additional code

Hi, I can not send the image, with a PHP form. I get an error << Try to get non-object property >> in this line -> << $ filteredData = substr ($ picture> data, strpos ($ picture-> data, ”,”) + 1); >> What can be the cause? Thank you

Hi, to help you a need to write some code so a created a help file, i hope it helps, if you still have questions please send me an email. You can access the help file in https://goo.gl/UsQwQT

Is there a working example with classic asp?

Sorry, we only have in PHP

Is there an object to force the crop container to respect an aspect? Also, at first glance, I expect “clicking” the crop arrows would increment the size, instead I have to drag. Why not both :) ? Can the visibility of each control be toggled with data attributes / json. Or do I have to hack it with CSS?

No, you can not control the aspect ratio. You can only increment the size of the crop by dragging, an option using click would not work well with the drag function. If you want to hide some of the elements of the editor you will need to use css.


I want to use it in opencart.Can i use it.

and this is my opencart website where i want to implement http://thandichai.com/

You can use Robocrop to create a opencart like that but will require additional work if you want something exactly the same from printshoppy because Robocrop edit images in a modal window


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Hello, Could there some additions be made for the Robocrop?

Necessary functional:
  • turn off auto init by class
  • manual init on js element (jquery or vanila js, doesn’t matter)
  • manual destroy

Sorry, I can not make these changes, at least not now. Could you tell me the reason for these changes? So we could find another way to achieve the same effect.

Can has background imae, r add imae t image? also can use circle to crop?

There is no way today to define a background image. The crop area is only a square or rectangle.