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after installation it is showing 0/2000 usage limit. but I have purchased it

What you purchased is the plugin, which is an integration between WordPress and the technology from Imagga. The actual processing is done on their servers and they charge for it. On their free tier you have 2000 images per month.

after activation of plugin my product image stretched vertically and not extracting colors. How to resolve problem?

If your photos are stretched, it probably means that you are using soft cropping (which preserves the original image aspect ratio) and your theme decides to show the whole image, or you are using hard cropping (which crops to the exact dimensions) and the theme stretches the image. You will have to find out which of these 2 options is the case and enable/disable the hard crop for unregistered sizes checkbox, or change the declarations of registered image sizes from hard to soft crop or vice versa.

As for the colors – are you sure, that you have enabled color extraction from the plugin options. Also if you have – only newly uploaded images will get their colors extracted – if you want to extract colors on old images, you have to use the appropriate link in the media library. On top of that if you are talking about colors not showing on the product page, you have to add a shortcode mentioned in the documentation to the appropriate template file. In the unlikely case that your images are an unsupported format by the Imagga API, you can try their online demo and if the images don’t get processed, you can contact them to see if your image format can be added to the supported list.

i want to get shortcode for image_core_tags for particular id


I already answered your email and would like you to know that I offer integration support only to customers who have purchased the plugin. If you have purchased the plugin, please ask your question from the account with which you have purchased it and keep in mind that every separate website you use it on requires a separate license (plugin purchase).

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Hi, how to insert tags for woocommerce product images. As for now, images which are been tagged are the ones which are in the media folder. My requirement is to add these tags to my product. (I sell images online). Please suggest. I am using woocommerce.

Regards Manish Manchanda

Hi, I appreciate your reply but it’s not solving my problem. Don’t we have some easy step by step process through which i can get desired results. By the way I am using DIVI as a theme. If knowing about theme might help you to help me.

Let me re-iterate my trouble 1. I want to sell images online using woocommerce 2. I installed DIVI theme 3. I uploaded images to media folder, where your plugin added tags and colour to it. 4. I created product in woocommerce using those images uploaded in media folder. Now what i want I want those tags and colours to come automatically to my product page. Please suggest step by step process.

Ask DIVI developers which file is the template for the product page and ask them where in it to place the additional content:

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[imagecoretagspost]’); ?>

<?php echo do_shortcode(‘[imagecorecolorspost]’); ?>

It has to be in the post loop, so that the correct post ID is acquired in the shortcode.

After that when you reload the product page, you should see the tags and colors from the images within the product.

imagga working good with small size images upload but large size images not creating auto tagging. this is throws error: Image Core – http://sharp17.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/DSC_0357.jpg wasn’t processed because it couldn’t be transferred or isn’t a supported format.

please, help me out how can rectify this problem ?


This could probably be from the fact that they have a timeout on the image download and are unable to download it within that time-frame. If you enable the image upload option from the plugin settings, this problem should go away if it is caused by that.

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I have increased the time out upto 9 minutes (540 seconds). but problem still persists

The problem is because you aren’t using uploads, not because you have a low timeout – this timeout setting, controls your own timeout, Imagga’s timeout is hard-coded on their servers and cannot be changed from the plugin.

Hi, is there a way in which i can download generated tags and colours in excel along with image name.

Or else, if you can let me know how are the tags and colours stored and can i download them from database?

You will have to identify your images in the wp_posts table and then match their ID column with the object_id column from the table wp_term_relationships and then match the term_taxonomy_id to term_taxonomy_id in the table wp_term_taxonomy and see if taxonomy is ‘image_core_color’ or ‘image_core_tag’ and then match the term_id to term_id in the table wp_terms and use the name column for the actual color/tag. Note that this is the way WordPress terms work and isn’t something specific to the plugin.