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How does this plugin work for images already on site? If you were to regenerate the thumbnails would colors/tags be created?

If you have added the required code, there are only 2 possible problems left, which are out of the plugin’s scope:

1. You are using a theme / plugin which has hooks to the search / custom taxonomy pages “pre_get_posts” filter

2. The theme you are using doesn’t have a template for showing image attachments as posts.

I just tested it again before writing this comment on a clean installation of WordPress with the twentysixteen theme and a clean installation of WooCommerce and images are shown both on the tag and color custom taxonomy pages if the code is inserted in the theme’s functions.php or the line in globals.php is uncommented.

If the case is 1 or 2, you should contact the developers of the respective items for support.

Thanks. You are correct it is a theme issue. I will look into this.

One other question. Which file contains the links to the colors ie. ic-color/black/. I would like to remove the links until I can fix this.


You’re welcome :)

In the file image-core/includes/color.php you can comment line 423 which is:

$output .= ”<a href=’”.get_term_link ( $term, ‘image_core_color’ ).”’><div class=’{$wrapper_class}’ style=’{$wrapper_style}’><div class=’{$color_class}’ style=’background: #{$hex_code}; {$color_style}’></div>{$term->name}</div></a>{$comma}”;

and add after it:

$output .= ”<div class=’{$wrapper_class}’ style=’{$wrapper_style}’><div class=’{$color_class}’ style=’background: #{$hex_code}; {$color_style}’></div>{$term->name}</div>{$comma}”;

Note: For some reason I can’t make the quotes escape properly and you might have to replace and single and double quotes after copying the code from the page with the normal ones.

If plugin updates come while the issue isn’t fixed, you can either ignore them and download the latest one after this is fixed, or you can apply these changes on every update and revert them when the problem is gone, it is up to you.

Hi! This works with other languages? (spanish)


The plugin’s settings are currently available only in english, but later on I will add translation files so that contributors can help with translating the settings in other languages.

If you are talking about the auto-tagging and color extraction, Imagga offers their tags in 51 languages, but most of them have been machine translated as stated in their documentation and some results may be far from perfect – you can check for yourself if their accuracy is good enough for you at their tagging demo http://imagga.com/auto-tagging-demo?url=https://imagga-com-assets.azureedge.net/static/images/tagging/wind-farm-538576_640.jpg&language=es

Colors currently are only available in english, but I believe that it is in their roadmap to make colors available in the same languages as the tags, so you can ask them when they will be available if that is your case. If the accuracy of the results or the translations don’t satisfy you, you can ask them for support and they will try to help you with your case :)

pre-buying question. could you make demo admin page and screenshots or video – how its working in wordpress. you have describing of plugin and technology but nothing about how it works in really in wordpress.

thank you!

could you give me 1 day for test? i wiil buy, but if it not suitable for my purposes, could you return money?


According to Envato’s refund policy at https://themeforest.net/page/author_refund_policy I am not obliged to give you a refund in this situation. Since after you purchase the plugin and download it, there is no way to guarantee that you aren’t using it after you’ve been given a refund and more to that Imagga offers a free subscription, you could be using the technology and the plugin for free.

I advise you to test your use-case with the online demos provided by Imagga – be it auto-tagging, color extraction or smart cropping (linked at the top of the item description). If you aren’t satisfied with their results, you can contact them for support if you want to. As a plugin author I am responsible for the functionality of the plugin and if you have specific questions about the usage of the plugin or you could describe your use-case prior to purchase I can help you make an informed decision whether Image Core will suit your needs.


Firstly, you have very good plugin and I’m surprised you’ve not sold more.

In summary – I want to know if your plugin allows admin to manually crop images within WP Editor.

This is my dilemma – I have a rss plugin that pulls feeds from many sites and the content (image and text) goes to draft for editing.

So I go to WP Editor and apart from being able to edit the text content, I also would like to edit/crop the images in any direction I like.

I have 3 images I want to show but I can’t attach the images here – maybe if you share your email so I can send them to you.

1 is the original that appears in the Wordpress draft

2. shows the part of the image I want cropped without affecting the remaining part of the image – just the way I would crop using MS Paint on my laptop.

3. shows the image after I have cropped the bottom of the image – I want a plugin that gives me the ability to do this. I have no problem giving you 5 stars if it does what I want and I’m satisfied.

Most image cropping plugins don’t allow for cropping from within WP Editor and even if they do, one cant crop one section (say horizontally) without it affecting another part (vertically).

Even if your plugin doesn’t solve my problem but you know of plugin that does, kindly let me know.

Thank you.



We exchanged some mails about a month ago about the same problem and I explained that since the plugin is based on artificial intelligence and it doesn’t allow you to crop your images manually.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any plugins that could work for you, but thank you for your interest.

Awesome work, I like it!

Thank you :)

Hi, are you still updating this plugin?


If you mean whether it supports the newest version of WordPress then yes, it is still being updated.


bjarnee Purchased

Hi! I am a photographer and purchased this plugin.

I have a wordpress site, and I want to have a page on my site where I have something like this: http://norris.imagga.com/visualisation/view/stock-photos-demo/

Do you know if there is a plugin that works with your plugin and will display a gallery of my photos, with the ability to search by tags and colors, or will this require hiring a developer?


The plugin itself extends the basic WordPress search functionality and allows you to find images by a single tag or color. There are also category pages for the tags and colors that will render accordingly based on the theme you are using.

If you want to search by multiple terms, you will have to find an advance search plugin and use the “image_core_tag” and “image_core_color” taxonomies for your search queries.

If you know HTML and CSS, you can edit your template files and add shortcodes to display the tags and colors for images the way you like them to. Instructions can be found at our documentation – https://wordpress.whitenovastudio.com/image-core/documentation/

Some themes don’t have separate templates for the image post type, so this task can be anything from a simple code insertion to something that you might need a developer to do.

Generally you might not need a plugin (unless you want to search by more than 1 term) as the resulting images will be shown as posts and if you edit the template for them, they will look however you like. Also you could make it so that all the images are rendered on the front page as posts so that you achieve the look from the link you’ve shared.

If something is unclear or you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask so that we can help you as much as we can :)

As far as cropping goes, does it do it on the lines of https://wordpress.org/plugins-wp/whitespace-image-resize/ plugin? The thing is, we have variety of images with altogether different dimensions on our site and this plugin resizes them automatically in given dimensions along with adding whitespace so that they look the same even when they are downsized. Does your plugin does something like this too?


The cropping technology works by supplying and image and crop width and height. The result is a region of the image with the same proportions of the crop width and height, so that whatever size you give it, the cropped image will correspond to it.

As for the plugin, this depends on how the cropping size is declared (in Wordpress). If it is a soft crop, the plugin will try to downsize the image, while keeping it’s aspect ratio relative to the shortest side. If it is a hard crop, the plugin will downsize the image to the exact cropping width and height.

More info about adding crop sizes in WordPress can be found here – https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/add_image_size/

Here are 2 examples:

Let’s say we have an image of size 600×400 and 2 cropping sizes – 200×200 soft crop and 200×200 hard crop.

In the soft crop we see that relatively to the aspect ratio of 200×200 in the image 600×400, 400 is the shorter size. So the plugin downsizes 400 to 200 and the proportionately downsizes 600 to 300, so we end up with a cropped image of size 300×200. Then it’s up to the theme to decide how to show the image on the site.

As for the hard crop, the resulting cropped image will have a size of 200×200, because it is a hard crop.

So as you see, the image is always cropped so that there is no white space in it. But for your case you can achieve that by using CSS. If you want to keep the original aspect ratio, you can use a soft crop and after that the element where the image is rendered can be with properties that show it fully and centered horizontally and vertically.

If we use the example from above, the element where the image should be rendered will be of size 200×200, while the image will be 300×200. When it is shown fully it will look like 200×133 and if you center it vertically in the element you will have white space, or whatever color the element is, surrounding the image. Or you can use the hard crop size and not worry about this as the smart cropping will retain the important visual content in the image.

I have a quick question. I am redoing the site I used this plugin for. I have paid for an imagga subscription and the images are being tagged. Although the tags and colors are not showing up on the front end. They only show if I go back and update the product. Is there a way to update the product automatically? I have over 100,000 products and cannot do this manually.

From what we discussed before, it seems that the you are using the post metadata for the tags and colors. If this is the case, when you go to Image Core -> Regenerate Posts Metadata, click the button and wait for the process to complete, everything should be ok.

Thanks. That fixed it.