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It’s great if Image Contest could be integrated with mycred plugin. In other words, a new photo gallery submission could get points in mycred. And a best photo could get points too based on mycred badges system.

Hello embroiderysecret,
Currently the plugin doesn’t support mycred plugin features, but your suggestion will be taken in consideration for future relases.

You’ll get tons of sale if there’s an option to add adsense ad under social media share buttons on that lightbox.

Hello htm1,
Thank you for you sugestion, it could be a interesting feature. I’ll add it on my todo list.


Pre-sale questions: Is possible to remove the “EXIF” information from the upload? Is possible to make a form for multiple uploads?


Hello neiruq,
in the current version is not possible remove EXIF info ore have multiple uploads.
But I can easily imlement these two feature. I will release a new version in a day or two implementing this two requests.

I’ve just submittet 1.1 version. Will be available in few hours.
In this new version I added a new option to disable EXIF info.
For multiple upload, In the upload page, after complete one, you can upload another photo and so on.

Would like to see a rating system i.e. 1-5, directly on the images.

Hello gfrow,
Thank you for your suggestion. Rating system is already in my Todo list for this plugin. Will be available for a future release.

That would be fantastic. Also, does this allow us to run multiple contests at a time, and does it create user accounts so they can see their submissions and info etc.?


Hello gfrow,
rating system is live. User can now leave a directly from the image.

The plugin doesn’t create users. For this, you have to manually create from the backend or you can use the TML plugin ( by which an user can register an account directly from the frontend. You can also configure extra fields to be filled during registration (like address, phones, ...)

To let user keep an eye on their submission, you can simply create a new page and use the [wppas_user_profile] shortcode.
By this page every user can see his photos status (if they have been approved, rejected or still in waiting)

To manage multiple contest, you can create different galleries each of which rappresent a contest.
On photo submission, an user will select the gallery/contest for which he wants to partecipate.

hi can i setup a website like the one in demo? i love the simple.

i have a suggest, if you can make the upload form can upload 4 files not only one :)

and you deserve a 5 star rate for your great support .. thank you.

Thank you for the rating :D
Than you for your suggestion too. I’ll implement the multiple upload feature in future release (I was already thinking in how implement it) :D

wooooow, thank you and we are waiting. you deserve the rate

This looks good, I am also looking at this one too however it is unsupported and no help from the developer:

Extra feature requests: 1. It would be good if there was a front end sign up for users, so that they can create an account and submit an image like the above plugin.

2. It would also be good to be able to rate the images as a visitor perhaps too.

3. When view a single image on a page, there are next and previous buttons to easily scroll through

4. Setting so images are auto approved.

Also how easy is it to style? I would want to style it better to suit my site. Thanks.

Hello mikei1985,
for what concern to what you are asking:
  1. for user registration and login, there is the built in wordpress function. You can use a plugin like TML ( that lets you to skin that two pages with you theme. If you need some more fields during registration, you can use another plugin of mine that adds all the field you want :)
  2. I avoided visitor rating because can be easily “hacked” letting an user to give more ratings that he could do. But I will consider to introduce this feature as option
  3. nice suggestion, I’ll will introduce in a future release
  4. nice suggestion, I’ll will introduce in a future release
For the restyling, the plugin uses a set of css and php template that you can modify better suit your needs. But I don’t know how much you want to customize so it’s hard answering to this question :)

Thanks, can comments be left on photos?

Unfortunately is not possible, but I’m already working to implement something like that

Hello I just need some modifications on the plugin if you could do it. it would really help. Thanks. Also anyway I could tell you in private?

Hello RahimFerrari,
I usually do not offer customization service, but send me a private message. I’ll evaluate and eventually I’ll let you know times and costs.

Did you get my email message?

Yes’, I’ve just read.

Hi . I just bought your plugin and working very well. You done a very good job. I would like to enable voting for visitors, without login, because most of the visitors of my website are from tablet and smartphone and are not… very smart. Is possible to do that? Even changing some code? Thanks

Thank you very much :)
For what concerns visitor rating, unfortunatelly for now is not possible. That feature is already on my todo list, but for now I cannot tell you any release date.

Just bought the plugin and I don’t see a documentation for installation. No shortcodes list either.

My editor doesn’t show your shortcode button so I’d prefer to just type the shorcodes in manually!

Hi booshworks,
the only existing shortcode is the [wcuf_upload_form]. This will render an upload form containing all the upload fields (according to the products currently in the cart) in any page.
To configure upload fields, use the “Upload files Configurator” menu.
It allows to create uploads fields for a specific sets of products and/or categories. The fields are automatically showed on product, cart, checkout (according to the products in the cart) and orders details (according to the purchased products) pages.
For product, cart and checkout pages you can choose fields positioning using the “Options” menu.

Thanks for the reply, I ended up finding all the shortcodes while browsing the code!

Your plugin is a nice start and it’s very simple and fast but unfortunately it won’t work for my purposes. Since I paid for it I’ll watch for future updates and maybe it’ll work for me in the future!

Hello booshorks, I apologize I just realized that you where asking for the “image contest plugin” but I gave you an answer thinking you where asking info for another plugin of mine, the “woocommerce upload fields”.
Anyway I’m glad you have found what you were looking for and I’ll keep you updated on future releases! Many apologies again!

Pre Sale Question..

1. I want to use this just as a normal gallery option and not a contest, that is possible yes?

I want users to be able to add photos to galleries already created in back end and have admin approve them before going live.

2. Can users upload multiple photos at once?

I see on the demo it says I have 4 uploads left, is the amount configurable? Can I set it to unlimited?

3. On the demo it says Photo by, but not who


Sorry I found some by testing the demo admin.

Still, can we upload multiple images yet?

no, unfortunatelly the plugin is designed to work with single upload per time.

Hi, accord user johno69 here in comments the photographer name is not working On the demo it says Photo by, but not who and on my texts I found similar error can you fix it please___?

to proper display photographer name and surname they have must have been setted on user profile.
I’ve added that info on the demo user profile in the demo site and now are properly displayed on the frontend.

Please update that info on your user profile and remember (if you haven’t already done) to update the plugin to the latest version.

Thanks a lot. Its possible to create a galerries by author?

You’re welcome. No unfortunatelly the plugin hasn’t this feature.

Ok, last question for the momento. Its cost a lot of work set user by user on User Profiles to get the author name on the picture page¥. Can you send me a code upgrade to show the author name automatically?

No sorry, unfortunatelly I don’t provide any customization service.


May I request for customisation to integrate payment for upload photos? I would required customer to make payment for the number of photos to be upload. Thanks.

no unfortunatelly I don’t offer any customization service.

When a user is required to log in or register do they need to have an account on the site, or is it possible for users to just fill out a form with their information before they upload, without creating an account?

no unfortuantely the plugin doesn’t allow guest uploads. The user has to be registered in order to be able to upload photos.