Image Combinations

Image Combinations

The images will be automatically assigned to combinations by their attributes when a combination is created or generates.

It’s not necessary to select an image when manually creating a combination.

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What does this module do?

With this module you will be able to do in just a few seconds all that time consuming work of assigning images to every combination of products on your online store.

Assigns product images to product combination.

In bulk image assignation to all product combinations.

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Why would you like this module?

Adds images to combination. Easy to update or add images to combination.

Select images for each attribute.

Use product combinations.

The images will be automatically assigned for each combination by attribute.

Upload a new image and select the attribute for it. Then the image will he automatically assigned to any combination containing that attribute. No need for editing every combination to assign a new image.

You will not have to select an image, it will be automatically assigned once your click save by the selected attribute.

You will save plenty of time.


- Added compatibility with Prestashop 1.7

- Uploaded

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