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hello, a simple question? can i choose where i want to popup the image?if i want it on the botton ?

Not at this time. Currently, the popup automatically appears in the center of the screen.

I see it works for logged-in visitors only, but does it work for logged-out visitors only? That’s what I need. Thanks. Andrew

Unfortunately it isn’t setup specifically for logged out users. However, if you had a popup for logged in users then they would only see that popup and all the logged out users would see any of the other popups that you specified.

hi. does it support multilanguage if i have pop ups in french and english? thank u.

All the popups are images so multi-language isn’t an issue.

This only seems to work 1 time, even when I set it to hide after 10 shows. please advise.

Can you please email me a screenshot of your settings?

Hi, I just want a single fullscreen image and when visitor click anywhere it redirects to the homepage. Is this possible with your plugin?

You can specify whatever size of popup you want and the rest of the area will be greyed out (or whatever colour you specify for the overlay – see screenshot). If by “fullscreen”, you mean the overlay too then this will work. But if you want the “popup image” to be fullscreen on every device then I don’t know how you would do it because of all the different screen sizes.

In terms of the redirect, you can specify any URL so yes you can redirect it to the home page.

I’ve tried to change the opacity of the popup image; but it doesn’t work. I need to be non-transparent popup. What should I do?

Can you please send me an email on my profile page? And also let me know what browser that you’re using to test it.

What am I missing? I keep getting an error:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: wp-image-popup.php Unpacking the package…

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

The plugin is in the file but if you want I can email it to you directly. Please send me a message on my profile page.

Just purchased and really like this but my image is too large for phones and there is no way to close the popup because you can’t see the “X”. Is there a way to make the size responsive for phones and tablets?

Unfortunately I don’t have a quick fix. I would need to re-work the plugin to detect the device and then adjust the image accordingly. I’ll look into it for the next version.

Okay. For now I sized to 320 wide and that works well. Really nice, & simple plugin. Nice job and I look forward to improvements.

Hi. Can i put google adsense banner in the popup?

You can put any image in the banner. So, provided it is an image, then yes. If it is code or code to produce an image, then no.

i noticed that i can click anywhere outside of the popup to make it go away. is this an option or just how it is? i would like to make the user have to click the X to remove the popup. Thanks!

It is an option to display the “X” but not to make it the only way to remove the popup.

Hello! Does it support custom post types? In other words can I target a single page of custom type?

Hi again. After your last comment I was sure you can setup popup on any post type. But it was mislead by you. The short answer is: it does NOT work with custom post types. I learned that AFTER purchase. There is no “Select Popup to Apply” block appearing on custom post types, so how else can I apply the popup?

In your blog post, go to “screen settings” (found under your user name beside “help”) and make sure “Select Popup To Apply” is checked. The option should now appear.

Or, this is a more difficult way but you can use “custom settings”. In name enter “popup_select” and value the popup id. You can get the popup id by hovering over the popup title in “all popups” and the number will be after post= in the lower left corner of your screen.

I am WP developer too, so I am aware, that I need enabled all blocks in “screen settings”. Your block simply do not exist on custom post type views. I think you should check that before writing such a “solution”.

Second “solution” works. But adding popup id manually to custom settings is not that kind of thing I would use on daily routine, would you?

Hello There,

I want to ask you if his plugin supports slideshow. I mean images with transitions


Do you mean a GIF image? If so, yes, it does support GIF images.

I love this plugin but please please please can you find a way of making the pop up image size responsive so that I can view the pop up at a decent size on both desktop and mobile? That would be really really helpful. Thanks ProfessorLab!

NEED HELP, I’m buy this plugin and install on my wordpress website but this plugin don’t work i have key but i don’t know where put key.

A key isn’t required to use the plugin. Install it like any other WordPress plugin by uploading the file on the “add new” plugin page in the admin dashboard. Activate it and then the plugin is listed as “Pop-up” in the dashboard.

Hello, the plugin conflicts with Bookly plugin which is also installed in my site. What can I do?