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Safari support?

Unfortunately not currently fully supported, but I am working on this problem.

I made some changes in the script and now works well under Safari.

can i use this on wordpress ? or any php script for example ?

I have installed the script on Wordpress and worked well. But if something does not work, I’ll help you.

Adsense actually allows the insertion of ads in this way? I’m not sure of this.

I’m still not sure, so I put it as a future feature.

will you help me install it to my site www.addisgag.com

Yes of course. You just have to send me an email for correspondence.

if i have 10 images on the page will i be able to control that the ad should be shown only on 2 images and not the rest 8

Yes. You just have to put images in a separate container, and point the element for indexation.

will it also work on an ready jQuery animated image div

It works in TUMBLR? It will work in any browser?

Hello buen08 ! The script must be uploaded to server where is the major website. I have not tested on Tumblr, but I will test it soon. I tested the script on this browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Please send to a feedback of your test. Best Regards.

When will these features be ready?

1. Support Adsense codes.

2. Ability to add more than one ad and display by rotation.

Hello SocialSuite ! I will update script, that you can add more than one advertising, but for Adsense I am not sure that Google will allow to show their ads in this type of advertising.

This script has potential, you will increase sales if you include a live demo, seems like a risky purchase for me as not sure if it works well.

Hi, can this script work on videos too? i want to confirm before purchasing. thanks…

Not supported in this version but could be added to the next version. Thank you for your interest in the script.

Hi I want to buy this, but not without seeing it working, and seeing how ad codes are added. Can you provide a link so I can see it in action? and ideally a link to see it in a backend wp-admin demo? Would be useful to know whether it can be set to work on all images contained in a page also. Thanks

Thank you i’ve watched the video. There was a previous question about whether this would work in tumblr.. can it? or any other non-hosted blog like blogger? thanks

You must upload the script on web server and then link the script to the blog. I think it would works, but I must to test it.

Today I tested the script on Tumblr and it works well. Please let me know If you have any other questions.

good sales =)

I commented 2 years ago but still no demo, no support for adsense or image rotation. What the hell have you been doing all that time? :(

Hello SocialSuite and sorry for late answer. I think it is against the Google rules to put their ads in pop-up ads. It is possible for ads to appear, but use it on your own risk.

Can you tell me how to install it on wordpress?

Hello SIWMAGroup and sorry for late answer. If you need help with installing please contact me via email and I will help you.