IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4

IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4

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IMABuildeRz v3 is the successor of IMABuilderz v1, but this is different from the previous version, ionic 4 uses the typescript and scss programming language, in other words using modern programming. Please read the difference and and expertise needed: here

IMABuildeRz v3 is a web-tool (not SaaS) to generate Ionic Framework v4/Latest (ionic/angular) code for apps, you can create no-limit app and backend. By using the Add-ons feature allows you to create apps with/without coding skill. The generated code is a source code that can be edited again such as HTML, Typescript, SCSS, PHP and MySQL.

So this is not a template, not an app based on a template (not like appBuilder generally), this is a code maker, code maker based on your instructions and based on your identity.


  • Auto/Manual Coding, You can create an apps with/without coding skills
  • Unlimited App, You can make apps without limits
  • 100% White label, You can sell apps that you have created
  • Editable Code, You will easily edit by using Comments or TODO
  • BackEnd Generator, You can ceate Own WordPress Plugin, Own Private CMS for Your App

IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4 - 1

IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4 - 2

IMABuildeRz - Universal AppBuilder for Ionic v4 - 3

IMABuildeRz v3

= Rev19.05.13
- New features: (IMAB) Page -> Layout Type -> Search Bar + Barcode Scanner
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Barcode Scanner
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Streaming Media
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Text To Speech
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Paypal
- New features: (IMAB) Directives -> Additional  -> Share Via Instagram

= Rev19.04.29
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> About Us
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> OneSignal Push
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Wordpress
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> WordPress Page
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> WordPress Posts
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-ons -> WordPress User
- New features: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Radio Player
- Improved: All Add-ons

= Rev19.04.22
- New features: (IMAB) Add-ons -> Admob Free Add-ons
- New features: (IMAB) Menus ->  Header -> Expanded Header
- Improved: Ionic Production
- Improved: (IMAB) Compiler
- Improved: (IMAB) Native

= Rev19.04.15
- New features: WordPress Add-ons
- New features: Popover Component
- New features: (IMAB) Pages ->Corner Button
- Improved: All Add-ons

= Rev19.04.09
- Improved: (IMAB) Pages -> Background Color, Custom Color, Background Image
- Improved: Compatibility with Linux and OSX

= Rev19.04.08
- New features: Services Menu
- New features: Directives Menu
- New features: JSON Editor
- Improved: (IMAB) Apps -> StatusBar Style
- Improved: (IMAB) Pages -> Content -> Styles, Script, WYSIWYG Editor, Modules and History, Clean History 
- Improved: (IMAB) Menus -> Menu Position, Menu Type and Header Color 
- Improved: (IMAB) Add-Ons -> Screenshoot Button
- Improved: (IMAB) Themes -> More Color Variables

IMABuildeRz v2
- imabuilder v2 was changed to imabuilder v3 (ionic4 support)