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Hello! Is it possible to modify this CMS so that it doesn’t scrape? I’d like to try using it for indie content/djs and I was just wondering if that was an option. Thanks!

hi, ofcourse.. you have a choice to used the scraper or not.. you can manually upload manga.. on your own.. any content.. just create it manually and upload manga images… and it will display as is.

Excellent! Thank you very much. :)

Error: “Sorry!, Your session was expired! Please try again”

hi, it happens when you’re session is time out already.. just refresh the page… possible.. you back in the browser history..


Sir, Can you implement various functions of this website?



yes.. im planning out already new features.. of my script

Hello! Can you tell me what the difference is between the different user roles? As far as I can tell, Contributor, Moderator, and Administrator all have exactly the same permission settings. If I’m an admin and I want to have a couple moderators, I don’t want them to be able to edit my administrative role (which they can currently do). Thanks!

Hello! Is it possible to modify this CMS so it serves images and css and js files from a different domain name? For example visiting the site on example.com and all the images are from example2.com

yes thats possible..

my nextupdate will have cdn included..

Seems like theres a glitch with tags, it doesnt display an image: http://ohayou.win/genre/41/maid

Also using the scrapper, if the name is too long in the slug, the images wont work when reading it.



topkek Purchased

Any fix?

it will be added in the next update..

is posible to only text and not image?

yes thats possible..

How do I contact you? i need custom script

please contact me via my profile page.. thanks


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When can we expect the next update?

i cant tell the exact date.. but im still doing it at this moment.. thank you..

I was testing your demo. Scraper for ninemanga.com not working. Error says “Scraping Failed. The current node list is empty.”

hi, ill check ninemanga scraper for that.. thanks for raising this issue.


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is it compatible with nginx server?

yes.. it is compatible and it will work as is.. coz right now its uploaded in a shared hosting site.. and its working flawlessly..

can this script update manga automatically after we input the manga source url, and will always update if the manga source update their manga?

yes. it has a cronjob..


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Please answer me back on email.

i replied already.. please check.


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Please re-check i sent you latest email right now. You still not replied me


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Im having a lot of problems with my site, all my links and images are http instead of https. and when I try to enable https, the chapters doesnt function correctly. Could you tell me how to enable https? or connect via ftp to help me fix this?

hi please sent me email.. so i can check.. your site.


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I did

Scrap manga not complete. Please check why ? http://imgur.com/a/tYDgk

just sent you

I contacted, but nothing from u.

please used your account.. thanks..

The first, when i created new user as administrator and delete other users. Scrapping have issues with user_id . It’s cannot scraped

is it possible to remove watermark from the chapters?? I’m interested in your CMS..

what do you mean watermark?.. its scraping from the source sites. so all the images belongs to the source site. unless you manually edit the images. or scrape in a site that doesnt put any watermarks in their images.


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Hi. after i installed the script the page gives me this “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” what to do now

please contact me in my profile page so i can help you.. thanks..

I loved your script, I have a big budget for this

Can you setting for me an interface similar to this page: http://readcomiconline.to/ And a module scraper. Please let me know the price

check your email.

hello ianthonypillos .. can you help me with the instalation ? im really newbie in this internet things and really want to learn… i already buy a domain name but for hosting not yet im still confused is it better web hosting or cloud hosting ?...... and after that can you tell me step by step until my mangawebsite publish.. thx..

can you give me some advice which bundle is the best to run mangasite for hostgator i plan to use hostgator ,, cloud hosting , wordpress hosting ,or web hosting ??

antony how to improve the session login ?... because when i scrape the manga the scraping not done but the session always expired …

antony how to add an adds ??.... when i go to setting > ads management in admin panel… nothing appear..

can you add dark theme in the next update and also make featured manga slider 5 at a time not list like in the current theme i have manga website http://bemanga.com and im using other manga script from code canyon the problem is it doesnt have mass scrapper if you can do it i will use your script in my next manga site instead just let me know when will be the next update