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Excellent work. Congrats. I watched the video. Just a question. What about Parse since it no longer run. Is there an update for another server? Thanks!

Parse SDK won’t shutdown, that’s why we hosted it on back4app, check it out: http://back4app.com

Thank for your response. I’ll take a look.

sure, and don’t worry for Parse, what will shutdown is their own hosting service, Parse SDK will survive so we can still build and use apps with Parse hosted in places like back4app ;)


I Want to buy this code. Looking Nice. I have some doubts pls answer me.

1. 64 Bit Support

2. I need code without ads Can u provide?

3. What is back4app. May i have to take account in back4app to publish this app ? Is it paid or free?

1. Yes
2. Please contact us by our profile’s contact form, as we already said by replying to your previous comments
3. Yes, you need to create a free account on back4app.com, go to their website and check the Pricing and Docs sections.

Hi, i need the login in order to use for another app, just clients should login and enter the app, is that easy to modify in the way that i want?

it’s not possible, sorry, an app cannot interact with other apps in their login code. Cheers!

What exactly is this code using the Parse database for? Storage of users passwords/info? I’m interested in buying the code, I’m just not sure I would be comfortable with a buyers info being somewhere else (introducing a 3rd party) if it didn’t have to. Can’t this same code use a .plist file which would be stored on the users device (much more secure)?

Correction: I meant stored in System Keychain (not .plist)

no, because if you’ll install an update you’ll lose all data, same thing as if we used CoreData. the server side is the best option for this app.

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