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error – [VM4796:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘speed’ of undefined at ea.loadContent (eval at <anonymous> (https://dev2.sdc.com/js/ilightbox/ilightbox.packed.js:11:1), <anonymous>:1:15034) at ea.generateBoxes (eval at <anonymous> (https://dev2.sdc.com/js/ilightbox/ilightbox.packed.js:11:1), <anonymous>:1:23340) at eval (eval at <anonymous> (https://dev2.sdc.com/js/ilightbox/ilightbox.packed.js:11:1), <anonymous>:1:14202)]

Here is the code: ----
$("#showFriends").iLightBox({ controls: { fullscreen: false }, skin: 'light', innerToolbar: true });
$("#likeProfileLink").iLightBox({ controls: { fullscreen: false }, skin: 'light', innerToolbar: true });
<a id="showFriends" href="igrids/profile_friends.php?AccountID=WEBMASTER" data-options="width: '100%', height: '85%'"></a>

<a id="likeProfileLink" href="igrids/profile_favorites.php?select=3&AccountIDFav=WEBMASTER" data-options="width: '100%', height: '85%'"></a>

* The NOT Working tries to open a lightbox but it’s blank. What is the reason? The URL Parameters?

FIXED – ID likeProfileLink was on multiple included items – thanks

Would it be possible to allow pinch & zoom on the lightbox images on mobile?


Sorry, this feature will be available in the next major version and not available in current version.

No worries! Would it be easy to add it with some custom JS for the meantime? Thanks!

Yes, but this will unstable your lightbox.

I bought iLightbox yesterday and have a problem with inline links. It seems that when my div is opened, Lightbox is writing CSS to “div.ilightbox-container” resulting in the wrong width and height. The inline div is set at 600px x 600px but Lightbox writes width: 165px;height: 642px;, which makes the div unreadable. How can I override the JS from doing this. Thanks. Mike

Can i take a look at your live example?

Here is a link to a demo page. http://yourvets.com/docs/cards.html

This page has two Lightbox issues. 1. The inline popup from the link “More pet info” has the wrong width, set by iLightbox, width: 42px; height: 344px;. 2. The popup from the blue image icon should show images using the ‘[rel^=”ilightboxPet[“]’ method. The lightbox freezes when the second image is clicked or the next arrow and the lightbox can not be closed or advanced and the page must be reloaded. Frustrating to not have this work since other free lightboxes do work.

I really cant find the problem you noticed

Hello Hemn, How can I add nav arrows?

I have people that are not tech savvy and they are not aware that they can scroll using the mouse or pushing on the right and left images.

On the page with the images I added the code:

controls: { arrows: true },

But, it does not work for me (( Website: http://куклы.net/куклы/ключница_глафира

Thanks for your help! Tim

Can i use this lightbox to for $_post function ? so I click on button, the result shows up on lightbox. Thanks

Which version? You commented in jQuery version . But if you mean WP version , yes its possible but you must customise your them structure and set iLightbox as iFrame type or ajax

I need this espacially for video. But on you demo site the video will not work as expected. On three different browser it will load the video in lightbox and than if i start it will close and load again. On an older safari it will not work at all.

Where this issue happened?

hi, admin. when i use jquery ver 3.1.1, This do not work correct. How i fix?

Hi You must install jQuery migration for 3.1.1 too .


I have purchased a theme here on CodeCanyon which uses a version of your ilightbox plugin. It’s version: 2.1.5 – October 24, 2013.

I get a prompt in some browsers disabling the flash plugin. My question is do you have an updated version that does not use flash? I’m happy to buy a copy and replace the function in my theme files (note this is NOT a WordPress theme).

Before you ask I’ve sent several requests to the theme author, but have not had any response.

Thanks for your help, Greg

We must release a minor update and will fix it as soon as possible .

Can you reply to this thread so that I know the update is complete. I will purchase once that is done.

Thanks for looking into this…


Thanks for your interest.

The next update will be available tomorrow.

Warm Regards

Hello, your plugin breaks when on a secure SSL website. Can you please correct the code to accommodate secure website? Your plugin was packaged with a theme I purchased, that’s why it doesn’t say I “purchased” it. Thank you

Hi , Sorry but we are not response about iLightbox while are third party , because the developers have customised our script cores and you did not support fees to us . If you purchase default ilightbox we will response about problems .

I want to buy it. is it jQuery version? How can i display social share option on light-box? I do no see any demo with social share option on light-box.

Hi , please see http://ilightbox.net/#advanced_images then Auto recognition sample , there we used share icons.

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hemn Author

Hi , I checked your page and code .
remove the file version from your PNG file in “href” , ex:
<a href="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1608/4177/files/Size_Guide.png?5775943379637561014" class="thumbnail">
remove the ?digits after .png and will be like :
<a href="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1608/4177/files/Size_Guide.png" class="thumbnail">
correct it please

is there any way to slove it without removing ?5775943379637561014?


hemn Author

Hi , No because iLightbox machine detect it like iFrame .

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For an additional fee could you remove flash support from your script so it doesn’t get a prompt in chrome. any help would be appreciated…


sorry but we dont use flash , can you define and explain your problem exactly?

I know that you don’t use flash, but can you remove flash support. Trying to prevent the following prompt in Chrome.


Hi , We updated plugin and solve some problems included your problem (Flash ) , update plugin please.

before I buy can you please tell me if its possible when you click an image the lightbox will popup fullscreen and the image is in center, thanks

Hi , Its not possible fullscreen by clicking on image , its binded by clicking fullscreen icon .

Hi, I’m using the plugin in a site that will run under https, when I try to use it with autodiscover feature I get a 500 error


This script can be hosted locally or there is a workaround to solve this?


hemn Author

Hi , I checked your page , You have not the json.php error . as you see this link is safe (SSL ) https://ilightbox.net/getSource/jsonp.php

Hi, It is actually rather strange, I’m getting a lot of error 500, at my side, checked in three computers with chrome and firefox, two dsl.

As a example: for this url


In firefox


The complete page in chrome


Ok, finally found, malformed url on link, if the video id is not found then the error 500 is fired


I am using a Wordpress theme which is using the javascript version of your plugin. Unfortunately, they haven’t enabled social buttons on the lightbox image and they are not able to help. I have tried to enable them with some code which i did find here in the comments but it didn’t work.

This is the code I tried:
    social: {
        buttons: {
            facebook: true,
            twitter: true,
            googleplus: true,
            reddit: true,
            digg: true,
            delicious: true

I do insert it in the ilighbox.js file. Maybe this is the wrong place to add or maybe I have to add more? I am using a child theme.

I would really appreciate if you could help.

Thanks and best regards.


hemn Author

Thanks for using iLightBox.

You need to find the line that they coded iLightBox there and add the buttons you need in that code.

Warm Regards

Hi, im creating a websitre using motocms 3, can i embed the html code or iframe it? to use your lightbox?


hemn Author

Hi , We have not any experience in motocms . But you can install iLightbox manually on any CMS .

Your documentation doesn’t make any sense. How do I implement this?!


hemn Author

Hi , There is all thing about installation in documentation. Let us to help you install . what you did for install now ?

I had to pay for an alternate option that works better. Please apply refund, thanks.


hemn Author

Hi , for refund you must apply for refund and write your reason , The codecanyon must accept .


georgemr Purchased

Hi, still no jquery 3 support? Thanks


hemn Author

Hi, not yet by default , you must add jQuery migrate for version 3.


vinsart Purchased

Hi, this plugin working fine, but i need to insert a slideshow in a div without iframe like your example in documentation. It’s possible?


hemn Author

OK, so you need a slider. We have mightySlider and you can check it out.


vinsart Purchased

so, is not possible to use ilightbox in a custom div without ajax or iframe?


hemn Author

No, because iLightBox do not insert its own elements into any elements but document.