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Hello, I don’t believe this plugin is right for me and I’ve deactivated it. Can I get my money back please?

Ok no problem. Please request a refund here: http://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new


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I have a problem with this page:


In the white buttons. I want to make it so when I click them I get a light box.

Could you tell me the link I have to make. I have galleries inside ilightbox with the following ID’s…

ID: 0 LINK ID: bay101 ID: 1 LINK ID: attoprimo ID: 3 LInK ID: drake

Thanks for using iLightBox.

I looked your example. You did it with inline gallery?

I use the Avada theme that includes iLightBox.
I need to modify the text of the popup window of a single page, not globally.
I have applied a custom class but it does not work.

.custom-class .ilightbox-holder .ilightbox-container .ilightbox-caption {
    font-size: 14px !important;
    text-transform: uppercase !important;

Best regards.

Thanks for using iLightBox.

If you are using included version from Avada, you need to contact with them.

Warm Regards

Thank you for your attention.
As you will understand, I will not renew the support to solve this (it has the same cost as a complement).
I will use the images without iLightBox, or I will look for another plugin.
Best regards.


I am trying to add Pinterest “Pin it” functionality to the images in the iLightbox gallery on a client’s WordPress website.

It appears that there is a bug in the built in Pinterest social share functionality, so I am trying to implement a custom solution.

This custom solution involves using a jQuery “on click” function to retrieve the image source url and passing it into a Pinterest query string. I have this functionality working fine.

However, I am stuck on trying to .prepend a custom Pinterest “Pin it” button to each .ilightbox-container div in the callback function after the the lightbox content loads.

For some reason, I am not able to get the callback areas in the plugin’s main configuration or the individual gallery’s callback area to even return a simple alert or console.log.

I have resorted to adding my callback function into the actual slide’s onShow callback, but this is not ideal and is still causing some issues.

Another note: We have our gallery set up to have individual thumbnails launch their corresponding gallery on click. With this method, the ilightbox galleries are wrapped in a display:none div, which I am wondering if this is causing issues. This is what the html in the WordPress editor looks like:

ilightbox id=”1”

Please let me know how I can either get the default Pinterest share functionality working, or how to get the default ilighbox / specific gallery callbacks to work properly. Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you!

I just noticed it stripped out the html I posted so here is what I was talking about:

a tag with link to gallery wrapping image thumbnail with the ilighbox shortcode wrapped in a display none div

Thanks for using iLightBox.

Why you just don’t use iLightBox Share Buttons to add Pin it button? You can search in comments to find out how to add pinterest button.

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The problem is, the pin it button shares the page and not the specific photo. Also, the photo doesn’t load when I tried the suggestions within the comments.

Hey Hemn,

Im having some newb troubles. How do i insert a button on my page that on click will open a ilightbox gallery ive created?


Thanks for using iLightBox.

You need to use inline shortcode:
[ilightbox id="0"]Show the Gallery[/ilightbox]

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I got that far but its just a link, not a button. I was looking to implement a button similar to you “advanced examples” click me button on your demo page.

Thanks for your help

It is possible to have numbered thumbnails? As in, the # of the image either in the upper-right corner, or below the thumbnail?

This way, if I have a customer on the phone, I can tell them, “Take a look at Picture #12” for a particular feature, without them having to flip through all of them.

This is a very useful feature for some situations, that seems to be damn near impossible to find in most galleries.


We’re using your lightboxes with essential grid here: https://curtaincleaners.com/2017/gallery/

Could you let us know how to replicate your demo ‘Auto cycling & Arrows’


Hi hemm I’ve got a strage iusse…. You can check on https://www.alexbrambilla.com/resume/ from the first movie “the young pope” to the “Il divo” the bottons Trailer or Clip 1 2 or3 works perfectly, loading the vimeo video into the lightbox… After ” the divo” no one works in lightbox… the link send directly to vimeo website… also changing the tab on top right of the page from MOVIES AND TV to COMMERCIALS no one works…. I saw the link and seems that the link doesn’t have an EV at the end… the connection to js for Click or Touchstart (Checking with Firefox) This happen also to all the single posts called from “Movies and Tv” and “Commercials” pages This happen from this morning that I made some updating (other plugins like Seo by Yoast and others)... small things that should not influence on your lightbox anymore NB (I know that my support is exipered but it happened suddenly without touching anything of Ilightbox plugin) My pourchase code: 4de7bc96-3db9-4242-8a7f-3b2945c06f24 If you need I can send credential for admin the wordpress website… Thanks in advance


I’m using the plugin “Essential Grid”. Is it possible that it works with your plugin “iLightBox”?


Does this plugin support for this?

Click on text link -> open slideshow with thumbnails

Just like your demo: Advanced Examples · Events How easy to setup this?

Anyway, i can’t login to your demo wp admin using demo/demo username and password.


Just more description about my question:

i want to set a text, when i click on text, a slideshow with thumbnails appears (popup).

is it possible?


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I don’t know, but i’ve send a comment but looks like it’s disappeared. So, i need to know about youtube gallery.

what should i choose? iframe or html type? i’v tried use html type and paste iframe code from youtube into html field, it works but there are vertical and horizontal bar.

I set iframe width and height to 100%, but still, vertical scrollbar is exist. Please help and advice.


Hello i am using Avada 5.4 and ILightbox latest version and also NGGallery latest version. I Lightbox is not working. What should i do ? Do i need to disable Lightbox in Avada Settings ? All i tried failed. Is there any hint for me to get it back working ? I have only NGGallerys with shortcodes in my posts. I just want to have this ILightbox Effect…. how to handle that ?

Got it fixed… needed to turn off some options in general ! Anyway thank you !

I theme fusion team, on lightbox i need made some changes by css, i want know if possible put the title under photo instead up, and i wanna put white frame on photo, is possible do that by css ? you can provide me de necessary code ?

Many thanks

Helle there ,

I am trying to upload the plugin but no luck , its for a website that is under construction : http://adams.netimage.pl

and this is the message

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

Please advise,



hemn Author

Thanks for purchasing iLightBox.

Please download the install-able zip file.

Warm Regards

Hi Hemm ! I have just one issue with viewing picture galleries from Nextgen. On Mobile Devices in horizontal view there is too much empty space left and right and pictures are too small and using not full width of screen. How can i fix that ?


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Hi, I have not been able to make an infinite scroll gallery of advanced examples. can you help me. Regards.


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Hi Hemn,

You helped us with the plugin on our site dealpasser.com. We had two buttons on a slider that triggered a video in your light box. We now added an additional button to trigger an interactive pdf, but we cannot get it to work. Can you help us? Your username and password are still active if you have them.

thank you.