iLead v2 - Lead Management System with Comment and Form Builder

iLead v2 - Lead Management System with Comment and Form Builder

iLead – Lead Management System with Form Builder

iLead is basically robust Lead Management System with Form Builder. With this Application , you can build your own “Lead Campaign with Own Form Fields”. You can create as many campaign as you need. You can generate your own Form with Robust Form Builder.


Role of Executive :-

  • They will see leads assigned to them.
  • They can send mail to each lead assigned to them.
  • They can update leads status by adding comment with attachments.

Role of Admin :-

  • You can create as many campaign as you want.
  • You can send bulk email to each campaign from admin panel.
  • You can assign leads to one or more executive.
  • You can see the updates from executive for each leads.
  • You or any executive who has been assigned lead can send mail.
  • You can create your own form-fields.
  • and More ….

Can also be heavily used for

  1. Lead Management System
  2. Tracking Contact Form (HTML website, Wordpress , Drupal, Joomla, CMS etc.,)
  3. Request Quote Form (HTML Website, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, CMS etc.,)
  4. Email Subscribe Form NewsLetter (HTML Website, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, CMS, etc.,)
  5. Feedback Form (HTML Website, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, CMS, etc.,)
  6. Bug Tracking Form (HTML Website, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, CMS, etc.,)
  7. Optin Form or Funnel Page (HTML Website, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, CMS, etc.,)

Installation Service – Just 10$

You don’t have to hire 3rd person for installation help. We are always there.

Keep Checking Support Tab section. I will be adding various tutorial on how to create various Subscribe Forms or Various types of Lead Form or How to Customize user part of Form with this App.


  1. Create Unlimited Campaign as you want.
  2. Create Unlimited Form Fields of your own format .
    No More Hard Coded `Lead Source` , `Lead Type` , `Lead status`.
    Rather Create , what you need by yourself.
  3. Embed anywhere of your choice :
    • Popup Form
    • Optin Form
    • Landing / Tunnel Page
    • Anywhere in your website or Email Template (If supports iframe , you can see this article for iframe support Open in new Tab)
    • Completely Responsive Lead ( Twitter Bootstrap 3.x)
  4. Add Executive / Manager who will be responsible for adding new leads and managing / following with their own leads.
  5. Ability for admin to see their own leads, all leads, or an individual user’s leads using search filter.
  6. Redirect any user wherever you want after submission of form by creating hidden input element with `_redirect_url` name attribute using our robust form builder.
  7. Easy Filter Search System to look for specific items / leads
  8. Standalone Product , can be easily embedded in Wordpress , Drupal , Joomla Any Other CMS . No Need to use different Plugin for different-different CMS. This is One and for all.
  9. And many more (List is infinite )

Highly Suitable for Below Types : (Lead / Contact / Poup)

  1. Leads with below example form fields can be created :-
    • Lead Status ( Hot , New , Frozen , Dead or Inactive , Active or Enable , Disable , etc., ) – Fully Customisable.
    • Lead with Description field can be created as textarea to keep updating the lead information.
    • Add Price Field or User details field.
    • Add Secret Admin Option in your campaign form using “show only to admin – form field” and change the status of lead.
    • And many more.. you just ask it and it will create it.
  2. Website Contact Form :-
    • with Custom form builder , create your own Contact form
    • with Custom Redirect after submit
  3. Landing / Funnel Page
  4. Website Popup Newsletter Subscribe Form
  5. Website Popup Download after Fill Form Option using hidden `_redirect_url` hidden form-field option.
  6. And many more.. (Let me know, what you have used for ? )

Live Preview


Admin Details : Username : Administrator Password : abcdef

Executive Details : Username : testuser Password : abcdef

Embed Form Preview :
Please Check without logging in to App.

You can also read this comment here : on embed demo show.

Other things :

  1. If you have any question, I am just comment away.
  2. Less than 24 hour support reply.
  3. SQL Injection protection.
  4. XSS Protection.
  5. Robust Authentication System
  6. Watch the video attached in Zip File.
  7. Mini Description about form builder added in dashboard bottom left section.

User Point of View