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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks Mate :)

Hey brother Have alot of bug /POS/Visitor Info/ Good luck with selling!

Thanks for your information, Please report all bugs on our support

someone change password :ADMIN Can’t try DEMO

Please try now, its ok now

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks mate :)

Nice work, GLWS

Thanks mate :)

Please update id n password, i am unable to login. or send credential on

now its ok, Please try again.

Great work :-) GL

Thanks Mate..:)

Credential is not working. only member Credential is working. I want to Purchase this Script, please Remove the bugs. and i want to chek account of super admin and branch admin.

Please send all bug report in our support, We will definitely solve all bugs as soon as possible and thanks in advance.

Want to Give you Some Suggestion. if you develop like this this will be a greatest script. Share you Email id. or mail me on

Thank you so much for your appreciations


nothing is loading or working? Cant login demo

please check now

Hi I am very much interested in your product but I am unable to open any of your demo link from the last two days it just says “This site can’t be reached”. Can you please check if you have any issues at your hosting end? Thank You

Sir we are changing server, it may take some time. But you can buy the system. We will help you

Sir we are changing server, it may take some time. But you can buy the system. We will help you

Guys this is hot you have pending sales.. if its as good as your screenshots and the database is solid I will BUY!!!

We are working on it. Give some time

No images for Rooms or Beds to display in a front end page of the branch hostel. How does a Member make a booking? In the users dashboard all he can do is see past invoices due and notifications. A member should be able to log in and search the entire listings of all brances in his travels, plan his trips and make bookings in advance at any branch at any time. This is all backend for branch admins.. Its useless if you dont give the user functional search and booking. Look at any real hostel networks out there. When you join them you have a login to search all their hostels worldwide and see what dates are available and book the dates o your trip right there from your login. Thats how this should be…So far a bit dis pointed with what i have seen…

Sir thanks for your suggestions, we will work on this for future updates.

Please when are you going to update your application? Ever since I sent you a private message concerning the challenge I have, you team told me you will update it 1 month after and yet still nothing has been done!!!!!!!!

Sir be patient, it need time to make changes. We are doing.

Good work. I’m waiting for booking addons. If calendar view and booking system will be, i want to purchase. Good luck.

thanks for your suggestion, we will try to implement your thoughts in our next update.

what is hostel niritor pous with webcam?

Sorry i did not understand your question, actually many time outside people come to visit hostel member in hostel, when you can store visitors information with visitor pass module..

Hi there, Is your solution is customizable or encrypted code?. we want to customize it to our needs for using in our existing platform. Do let me know ASAP

Yes you can customize the system as you want.