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Preview doesn’t work.

I’ve updated the preview.

If you close the IFrame then it does ;)

Hi, how implement the text hover, with title image? or is ... I have this question because I implementate other similar but your script is very nice and I have problems with filter projects… look at


This is CSS3 not Javascript, it may work. But anyway I’m ready to help you if occur problems.


Can you display the code because I am looking for a seo friendly script like this and I was wondering if this one is seo friendly

SEO Friendly? Here is :)

<li class="img_item">
      <div class="caption">
               <h3>Image Title 1</h3>
               <p>Image content, description.</p>
               <a href="#" class="pf_button">Details</a>
       <img src="images/1.jpg" alt="" />

I use li tag to display the grid, but it can be easy changed with div.

h3 and p – points for SEO , title and descrition.

Hi, tested the preview.. Firefox it works but in IE (Version 9 on my PC) it doesn’t works….

does the “buying package” work on IE?

Note from description:

Live demo doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. But, files from download package, work fine, except the effects which IE doesn’t have native support.

It work in IE 8 -9. Effects like slide, fade, rotation, etc. doesn’t work because IE doesn’t have suport for CSS3 transitions. The caption will appear instantly.

P.S. Code from live demo is encoded, that’s problem.

Hello, Smartik !

This preview of your code is looking funtastic, but here comes a pre-purchase question : would it be very complicate to adapt it to a wordpress theme ? And since I’m not that skilled in coding, would you be ready to help if necessary (we would then hire you for that particular task) ?

Thanks in advance.

OK. Please use contact form from my profile and give me an idea what you want to do and then we can discuss about all(time required, price etc.).


Hi, What happens in IE 7 as a fall back?

Information is displayed instantly on hover. But not everything works. This can be fixed by adding a IE only stylesheet which will hide all info by default and show it on hover.

Cheers, Andrei.

I’m just wondering, does the documentation include information on how to install this on wordpress?

Would it be possible to have some of the boxes show text and then switch to image on hover (the reverse of current)? Thanks.

This is the function I need. I have 4 images displayed on a single page and wish different text on mouseover effects with link.

I am really a novice and have had trouble with js before. Could you tell me, will it be difficult for me to implement. Using u-design theme on wp.


Your preview doesn’t work. Too bad I couldn’t see what it is.

Sorry, I have problems with my hosting provider. Demo it’s fixed: