Discussion on iGuider - Product Tour - Interactive Walkthroughs - Website step by step Guide

Discussion on iGuider - Product Tour - Interactive Walkthroughs - Website step by step Guide

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Salvat Purchased

Hi, your website is displaying a “for sale” page. Can you restore the builder and the demos? Thanks


Salvat Purchased

Never mind, I found them in the zip file

Thank you for your message. Site will be restored in the near future

I am not a developer, how can I use this script to create product tours? Does it provide visual selection of elements to display tooltips?

If there is an extended license, then yes, you can.

Can we create multi-language tour?

Hi Dev,

My web app is Angular 11 based. Will this plugin cause any incompatibility issues?


I can’t say for sure. As an Angular developer, you should be more aware. There are a few things you should consider: 1. My plugin is powered by jQuery. 2. The plugin actively uses local storage and cookies. 3. The plugin uses standard page scrolling.

Hi there,
Can you please reply to my email? Thanks

Do you ever respond to support tickets?

Hello, First of all, I apologize for the delay in responding. A war broke out in my country (Ukraine). And my family and I had to deal with moving to a safer city. Recent events have prevented me from doing support. Once again I apologize. I replied to you by mail


Hi there,
With extended license, I can use this on multiple domains?

yes, you can

Hello, Congratulations on this amazing plugin.

Can I add a wordress dashboard interaction for a customer?

I would like to create tutorials for customers to learn how to use the wordpress dashboard, you know?

It wouldn’t be on the frontend, I need it on the backend.

Thank you very much!

yes, you can

Ok. I downloaded the plugin for this product, but I can’t find it on the dashboard at all. Also, I went to your website to checkout the documentation and I followed the steps for the WordPress plugin. However in your images you have a “edit” button in the installed plugins section but that doesn’t exist anymore.

demo link is down

Yes, sorry, servers are being restored in Ukraine now. Damn the war.

Hello good day. I have a problem when I save the record, and the page is reloaded, it executes the guide again, is there a way to end it so that it does not execute?


I see that the tour is moving to the next step. If you don’t need it, then why did you put the 14th step into it?

There is a way to activate the guide within another guide.

Hello! I am very interested in buying the plugin, specifically for Wordpress. My only question is how can I make it so that the tour is displayed only once per logged-in WP user?

So that they never see the tour again, regardless if they log in from another browser, etc. I am only going to show the tour to new logged-in Wordpress users

I can offer you only one option: automatic launch at the first time with a link to the browser. When you open the page in a new browser, the tour will start again, but only for the first time.

Hi, I have two different pages under the same URL path. How can I add 2 tours, one for one page which I already did and one for the other page? Can I put two tours on the same page? I’m wondering how is that going to work?

Like I don’t want duplicate buttons or 2 intros starts since one page is different from the other but using the same path to add the code.

Hello, For parameter “target” specify parent element

Hi, it is possible to add more than one target in one step? I mean, the two target will do the same job to a button. But on mobile the target code it’s different.

This example shows how to highlight multiple targets. See step # 9

Hello. Will your plugin work on a multisite network? Say I want to add a Tour Guide to ONE particular site.

And, if so, do i need to buy an extra license if I wish to add a separate tour to another site in the network?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, the standard license allows you to use the plugin and create many tours within just one site.

To use the plugin on an unlimited number of sites, you need to purchase an extended license.

Hola amigo. Tengo un error también no puedo avanzar atrás en los selects

It is most likely that the items are hidden, so the tour skips these steps. You must first display the element and then select it. To do this, use the functions “before” or “after”

Hello, I have problem with scrolling in modal windows, there is a property to correct that

Desea eliminar solo el bloque de navegación lateral o el icono menú en la esquina superior izquierda del ?

Ambos navegación lateral e icono de menú en la esquina superior izquierda

To remove for all steps: To remove for a specific step, use the “before” and “after” callback function for the step: Code Exammple:


In the default method help button, it’s showing the question mark (?) and ‘Help’ as default.

Is there a way to modify that look or at lease change ‘Help’ to something else?

Please advise.

Thank you

To change the content of a button:

1. Open the iGuider.css file with the help of the text editor “notepad ++“

2. Change the “content” property of the “iguider-btn-shape: after” class, line: 589

3. Change the “content” property of the “iguider-btn-icon: after” class, line: 605

Hello, good morning I have problems with the plugin, it does NOT recognize the select2 when the white frame appears, it does NOT cover the entire select2

I share an image of the error:

Hello, good morning I have problems with the plugin, it does NOT recognize the select2 when the white frame appears, it does NOT cover the entire select2

I share an image of the error:


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