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CodeIgniter Framework or laravel? It has multi roles and groups? which is the login demo?

Sorry for Late Replies, it is built on Laravel but doens’t have Muti Roles and Groups yet, the Main Essense is to make sure that users without EMAIL ADDRESSES can also Register with their PHONE NUMBERS, login and reset password with their PHONE NUMBERS as well and the Login Demo has been updated on the Description/Item Page now, But Registring a New Account with either an EMAIL ADDRESS or a PHONE NUMBER will serve the Purpose of seeing the Script in Action. INCASE: Demo link: Admin Credentials Username: Password: a Client Credentials EMAIL Username: Password: love4ever Client Credentials PHONE Username: +2349090000097 Password: love4ever

Few things that would be nice to see:

1. Marks on what’s required. 2. When a required field isn’t filled in, and form is submitted, the previously filled forms aren’t cleared. 3. Check if username is taken. 4. Change photo in profile doesn’t work. 5. Change password in profile should have user insert current password for added authentication. 6. Not sure what the difference is between “View my profile” and “Dashboard” other than look. One looks better than the other, but they both seem to present the same info. 7. Would be nice if left-side menu bar had icons to the social networks instead of colored circles.

Seems like a nice script. GLWS.

@Gutspiller, Thanks for the considerations 1. I will try to make this in this Version1 so people knows what is Required and what is not., 2. It is better for it not to be cleared as only sensitive informations like Pasword will be clear but others left, making a little mistake shouldn’t make you to start all over again., 3. Checking if Username exist will come in Version2., 4. Change Photo in Profile works just fine from my end here., 5. NOTED: That feature will be added in Version2 as well., 6. The difference is not much though but I am working on a new Dashboard that will be entirely different from the Profile View which will be available in this Version1., 7. I will make a version with Icons while still preserving the colored Circles because some persons might find them appealing like I did. Once again Thanks for all the Considerations!

Regarding the phone number and sms, do we as admin need to signup with a mobile carrier to activate this feature?

ok, thanks for your reply, is this country specific? For example I am from India so Twilio doesn’t work here. In that case what?

It works everywhere, try Registering an Account with Phone Number on the Demo and select India as your country and I believe you should receive an SMS with your Verification Code BUT in a case that it doesn’t truly work in India, I will customize it to suite an Indian SMS API just for you.

There is Twilio in India, check it out here:

I’m interested, but the Demo passwords aren’t working.

Maybe someone has changed the password because the Demo is open to everyone both Admin and Client, try Registering a new Account with both your Email and Phone Number as Well to test how it works with Phone and with Email too BUT I will try resetting the Password now and Make sure no one can change it again!

I have resetted the Passwords to the default passwords and also disabled the password changing input field, so you can go ahead now and checkout the Demo. NOTE: I only resetted the ADMIN PASSWORD: others could have been deleted as they are Client Account, So for ADMIN: PASS: a and for Client PHONE/EMAIL: Register a new Account, Thanks

I signed up in the demo yesterday using a phone number and am still waiting for the confirmation text.

Sorry about that,Which Country are you signing up from?

Yeah, Sure with same Login Details on the Product Description page.

Amazing Work dude

Can be used on wordpress?

Warning: Unexpected character in input: ’\’ (ASCII=92) state=1 in C:\xampp\htdocs\public\index.php on line 50

Parse error: parse error in C:\xampp\htdocs\public\index.php on line 50

I just bought the web system and i tried to install it as it sais in the guick guide but i get the error code

If you also could take a look at then you’ll see what i mean, i updated my xampp to latest version of php too.

Sorry for the Delays in Replying, Kindly PM me your Server details so I can fix this issue for you, Am working on Revamping this Code, Thanks!

Kindly request for a Refund, I won’t be working on this Product on here anymore, Am revamping it from scratch unto my other Platforms, Thanks!

demo not working

pls provide me with demo link cause its not working